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December 27, 2022[INQ. NO. 2212C25] SENSEE Braille Book is an educational Braille book with ordinary letters and Braille letters, alphabets, and images for the blind as well as the parents and teachers teaching them.

This product is sold at an affordable price as it overcame the fundamental problem for producing content for the blind, which is time. It also helps users get access to information easily as it provides both letters and Braille letters at the same time.

If only Braille letters are printed, it makes it difficult for parents and teachers to communicate with the blind as they don’t understand these letters and since Braille letters are longer than original letters, they would have a hard time locating how far they’ve read. Therefore, SENSEE books provide content in both types of letters to overcome this problem.



SENSEE Braille Book is sold to organizations supporting the blind, such as welfare centers and schools for the blind, and exported to various countries including the Americas.SENSEE Learning Kit is introductory Braille learning material. More than 99% of the visually impaired are acquired, and this product is an important Braille-learning material for the visually impaired.

SENSEE Coloring Book is a teaching aid for word learning and shape-training for the visually impaired. It creates a boundary for them to recognize images through the protruded outlines. It can be used for the initial Braille training, word learning and image education.

SENSEE Tactile Book is a customized production project including yearbooks for the visually impaired and learning materials for visual education.
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