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February 27, 2023 Mask
[INQ. NO. 2302C07] Soflisse Hinoki Foot-Peeling Mask is an effective way to achieve smooth and gentle skincare for the feet. The mask uses a fruit acid compound extract that exfoliates old keratin, or dead skin cells, and soothes the skin through the use of hinoki ingredients.

This smart foot-peeling solution removes keratin within just seven days and leaves the skin feeling moisturized and refreshed.




Bath Spa Mask
Soflisse Hinoki Bath Spa Mask is designed to make the feet feel moist, and soothe sensitive skin while also giving the skin a boost of vitality.

The mask wraps the feet and calves warmly, similar to the experience of a hinoki spa. The warm massaging care makes swollen legs feel comfortable and the long mask covers the area from the toes to the calf.



The phytoncide scent of refreshing cypress water provides a forest-bathing effect while the sweet almond oil and shea butter add moisture to the skin.

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