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March 29, 2023 Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology (KICET), an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), is the sole institute specializing in ceramics. KICET has been contributing to national industry development through not only carrying out research and
development (R&D) on cutting-edge new materials in the ceramic field, but also executing such missions as testing & analysis & evaluation, corporate support, and policy support for the ceramic industry. KICET, as an organizing institute of the start-up leap package support project from 2019 to 2022 that was aimed at helping Korean start-ups grow, is supporting start-ups for successful leaps through new businesses by facilitating the innovative growth of the start-ups.
The start-up leap package support project is supervised by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) and aims at discovering and supporting the competent Korean start-ups.

Korea’s start-ups – which have high potential for growth within their business career of three to seven years – are entitled to accept such various benefits as financial aid,professional mentoring, supports of pioneering of domestic and overseas markets, etc.
Moreover, together with the support provided by commercialization capital including R&D support, such agency specialization programs as the technical supporters program, support of product upgrading, support of global competency enhancement, support of export, etc. are supported. KICET discovered and nurtured 22 start-ups as of 2021 and selected more than 20 start-ups last year and is fostering those enterprises now. A high-ranking staff member of KICET recently noted, “We will do our best to steadily discover and foster more companies in their start-up including three start-ups in 2022 – in order to ultimately nurture those start-ups as Korea’s representative enterprises in the near future.”
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