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May 18, 2023

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[INQ. NO. 2305E22] Fidget Steer Grip by Kimyo Works, a unique and entertaining driving accessory, is designed to enhance driver health and safety by alleviating boredom and stress during long drives, traffic jams, or stressful situations behind the wheel.
This product offers engaging fidgeting functions: rocker switch push button, steel ball, and gear roll. The grip is made from premium silicone featuring a diamond pattern structure, providing unparalleled tactile stimulation that drivers have never experienced before.


These fidgeting functions refresh the driver’s mood, helping them overcome driving-related stress. Notably, fidgeting during driving contributes to improved cognitive ability (alertness) for older drivers and alleviates ADHD symptoms in drivers with ADHD. While it may not completely prevent drowsy driving, the Fidget Steer Grip provides a degree of protection against fatigue.
The Fidget Steer Grip has already achieved a successful launch through Kickstarter funding and will soon be available on Amazon under the Kimyo Works brand.

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