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June 13, 2023[INQ. NO. 2306C02] With Joatte, the customers can decorate and utilize bed space in various ways by connecting the sides with a fastener, because Joatte comes in a fastener-type.
All areas that connect the four-directional guard and the anti-slip mattress can be connected by the fastener, which makes it easy to assemble; and it prevents accidents that could happen because of a gap between the bed frame and the mattress.
The mattress is very versatile – because it can be folded in half, it takes up less space; it is easy to store or move the mattress; it can provide a space for children to play while avoiding noise complaints; and it can be used as a sofa when folded.


When the mobile rod is installed, a space is created for play that has the same effect as a doll hanging from the ceiling. The cover (for the four-directional guard and the mattress) can be separated from the
guard and the matress and washed. The cover for the bumper bed can be exchanged with various other designs, and the bed cover of the same size can be separately purchased.
While the guard preventing children from falling off. The surfaces with which children with weaker immunity and skin allergies come in contact are 100% cotton, and the cover is waterproof. Thus, there is no need to wash the inner material, and the washable cover protects children from house insects.
The mobile rod is included in the basic product package. The cute rattle doll can help the baby improve sense of touch and recognize colors. The mobile rod can be connected and used as a play space.
When the bumper roof is attached to the mobile rod, it can protect the children’s eyes from irritation by the ceiling lights. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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