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June 13, 2023

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[INQ. NO. 2306C01] LAFORET, a product designed with both human health and the environment at its core, is a range of 100% organic cotton sanitary pads, created to ensure comfort and safety for women during their menstrual cycle.



LAFORET consists of four variations: overnight, large, medium, and panty liners. Each pad features an OCS-certified organic cotton cover and a 100% cotton double absorption sheet, offering a gentle touch for sensitive skin.
Unlike many competitors who claim to offer cotton products but use polymers in their absorbent cores, LAFORET delivers a genuinely 100% cotton product, ensuring both comfort and safety.
Moreover, this product sets users free from the worry of carcinogenic substances, a significant concern in today’s world. It is registered with the FDA, having passed various tests including those for harmful chemicals, heavy metals, and radon. Packaged with all four sides completely sealed, it provides protection from external contaminants, moisture, and bacteria, ensuring optimal hygiene.

CNPGLOBE Co. Ltd. is a company established in 2020 amidst concerns over carcinogenic materials in sanitary pads. CNPGLOBE launched LAFORET with the aim of providing women with safer menstrual products. With the mindset of creating a product that one’s family and children could use, the company developed these sanitary pads using natural ingredients, securing OCS certification for their 100% organic cotton covers.


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