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June 19, 2023

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[INQ. NO. 2306C16] For Men Cleanser, an H&B solution for men has raised over 3,000% in funding through Korea’s largest crowdfunding website. It is private parts wash for men that relieve itching and bad odors and keeps the sensitive area cool and dry.

This product gets rid of 99% of germs, the main cause of itchiness around the groin, and also removes 99% of ammonia gas, which causes bad odors. In addition, BA can cool down the intimate area with its cooling effect of up to -4 degrees and maintains pH levels of 5.5, the optimal condition for healthy skin.
Having obtained EWG green grade for all ingredients, this product is produced in a certified manufacturing facility that has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO22716 certifications.

Beautisel is focused on developing innovative products that resolve the discomfort areas that both men and women have.
The company developed this intimate cleanser for men to help resolve thediscomfort men experience with itching in the genital area and bad odors, and a wash-type deodorant for both men and women suffering from bad armpit odor.
It is currently developing a basic cosmetic brand specialized for skin whitening.

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