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June 20, 2023 Vest
[INQ. NO. 2306C20] Jxylo Heated Vest is a product using a planar heating element and a dedicated battery, and the SUS planar heating element is ergonomically arranged to reduce heat loss and maximize thermal efficiency.
The temperature can be set at three levels of low, medium, and high by pressing the power button on the vest for three seconds depending on the situation and environment.
In case of overload, an electric shut-off system is installed, and the temperature control system keeps the average temperature of the heating part constant, and the heat retention time is long.
It was designed to be placed in the inner pocket inside the auxiliary battery for more convenience, and the quilting technique was used on the fabric so that you can feel the warmth even when wearing it as everyday clothing.

Ice Vest
Jxylo Ice Vest is used with ice packs in the vest pocket.
By using special molecules, which are alcohol-type polymers in the refrigerant, it has the technology to prevent dew condensation, and the ice-pack shape is not deformed and does not burst, so the cold air durability is improved by about 10%.
The cold storage bag that captures both comfort and cold air has obtained a patent for preventing condensation from forming in the refrigerant. The front of the bag is made of thin water-repellent fabric to quickly deliver cold air, and the insulation on the back maximizes the durability of the cold air. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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