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July 26, 2023 Tissues
[INQ. NO. 2307C08] Most travel tissues are not user-friendly as they come in horizontal format, with a rectangular opening in the box, so users end up pulling out multiple sheets when meaning to pull out only one, which causes a lot of dust to come out as a result.


Travel Tissues
Sefresh has an opening that is round, instead of rectangular like traditional travel tissues, which makes it easier for users to pull tissues out.

Since the item can be placed vertically, unlike the traditional travel tissues, it is easier to place it in bags, limited spaces, the back seat of a car, and between drawers, and pull out one tissue at a time with just one hand.



Another advantage of using Sefresh is that it does not produce as much dust.

Through research, stickers to allow the package to be attached to a wall have been invented, making it more user-friendly.

Sefresh is created for people with sensitive skin by using 100% natural pulp and extracts of three natural ingredients derived from eoseongcho, ginseng plant, and green tea.

Nowadays as people try to stay away from hazardous substances as much as possible, there are not many tissues that babies with weak sensitive skin can use, as even the smallest tissues contain fluorescent whitening agents and formaldehyde.

Sefresh is a safe product proven to contain no hazardous substances, just like luxury toilet paper produced by other companies.
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