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July 26, 2023 Cutlery Stand
[INQ. NO. 2307C16] Sujeodom has a sanitary structure, which minimizes contact with cutlery. It is ideal for space-saving as individual pieces can be piled on top of each other. Moreover, it has a classy design that resembles a simplified version of the roofs of hanok, traditional Korean houses.

Sujeodom is put on the tables inside its case, which makes it convenient for customers to use on their own.

Whereas customers previously did not really know where to put the wooden spoon rests that had to be stored in cases after using them, they no longer have the same concern with FA. This product helps save space as the pieces are stored on top of each other, are convenient, and can be used for various purposes, including as rests for forks, spoons, chopsticks, and knives.


Paper Cutlery Stand


The newly introduced wooden spoon rests are designed for home use as six pieces can be stored on top of each other, resolving the inconvenience of storing spoon rests at home after use. It helps one to use space efficiently, is easy to store after use, and can be used for various advertisements such as those for insurance policies.


Paper Cutlery Stand


The product, made with stainless steel, has completed its design and sample manufacturing processes and has a simple logo marked on the front and back, which shows that it is eco-friendly.
Founded in 2011, BnC (Bon Neighborhood Company) produces cutlery holders made of various materials.

Domestically, the company produces advertisements and delivers products to a variety of customers including catering companies, local governments, and banks.



Paper Cutlery Stand

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