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July 26, 2023[INQ. NO. 2307C14] PULIEF Moms Toothpaste is a product for pregnant women. The patented technology provides excellent anti-bacterial effects on the causative bacteria of an expectant mother’s tooth decay, periodontitis, or odor. This toothpaste is an extraneous product of medicine used to brush the surface of the teeth, especially for whitening, sterilizing, and cleaning of teeth.

Made by using only natural organic compounds such as ECO CERT, USDA and HALAL-certified organic raw materials, it is functional toothpaste containing magnetic seed extract, eucalyptus extract, sage extract, chamomile extract, aloe extract, green tea extract, propolis extract, etc. to adjust the flavor and foam without irritation for the weakened gums during pregnancy.

This safe natural toothpaste product causes no irritation for pregnant women who suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy by completing a reliability test for all ingredients of domestic, international and Chinese national standards (GB TEST).



Free of fluoride to care for the health of the pregnant woman and fetus, it does not contain any of the 13 harmful ingredients of synthetic chemicals such as paraben, benzophenone, SLS (synthetic surfactant) and synthetic preservative.

Using the natural foaming agent extracted from coconut instead of synthetic surfactant (SLS), PULIEF Moms Toothpaste has been certified for its safety for pregnant women. The natural herbal ingredients contained in it are excellent for preventing gum infection and inflammation.

Established in 2010, Cell for One Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development for maternity treatment using only natural origin ingredients. The company is recognized as Korea’s first functional natural medicine company for pregnant women. Currently, it is exporting the products to China, Singapore, Russia, and Vietnam.
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