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August 22, 2023[INQ. NO. 2308C52] Toori Toothbrush for Kids prevents damage to children’s soft gums and teeth with its rounded ends of the bristles. In addition, its head is designed to fit the optimal size for the mouth size of infants, and the elastic rubber handle absorbs brushing pressure to protect the child’s soft gums.

Raccoon Toothbrush for Kids is excellent for removing plaque between teeth, and the rounded fine hairs protect children’s soft gums. The thick handle makes it comfortable to brush, while the non-slip rubber helps for brushing teeth. And the well-rounded tip of the bristles prevents damaging the gums. Designed in a cute raccoon character, it encourages children to develop a brushing habit with fun and ease.



The Black Toothbrush for Adults has 0.15mm of ultra-soft micro-fine hair to clean even the narrowest areas between the teeth. The highly soft micro-fine hair removes plaque from teeth, while having an excellent gum massage effect. In addition, the brush head with a lot of hair maximizes the brushing effect by application of an optimal space arrangement with 19 holes. Its modern and simple design with a voluminous shape toward the bottom ensures an excellent grip of the handle. It is also very suitable for people sensitive to cold teeth and bleeding.



Founded in 2010, LKIMEX Co., Ltd. manufactures silicone functional toothbrushes as well as nylon toothbrushes. The functional silicone toothbrush made of antibacterial silicone is excellent for protecting the teeth and gums. It has a high affinity with the human body and is especially helpful for pregnant women who need gum care before and after childbirth, infants, and those with sensitive gums.

It also has excellent effects of the silicon toothbrush to remove plaque and the nylon toothbrush to perform thorough cleansing. The products of LKIMEX are currently exported to China, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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