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August 23, 2023[INQ. NO. 2308C24] In an environment increasingly burdened with free radicals – the unstable by-products of metabolism, causing oxidative stress and cellular damage – a product like Soo Hydrogen Water comes as a beacon of hope. Hydrogen, being an effective scavenger of these detrimental radicals, has a harmonizing effect, neutralizing the oxidative reactions within the body. However, under normal atmospheric conditions, gaseous hydrogen is fleeting and rapidly vaporizes. Thus, the most viable and beneficial mode of intake is by dissolving it in water.




Hydrogen Water
Soo Hydrogen Water has been the focus of long-term research. Evidence from various studies, including the work of Ohta Shigeo in 2007 published in Nature Medicine and multiple Korean studies, showcases hydrogen water’s ability to combat active oxygen species and its effects on muscle fatigue and aging.



Soo Hydrogen Water is a product of their patented ‘3-stage hydrogen high-concentration method.’ This technology allows for the production of high-concentration ionized hydrogen water (0.8ppm~1.6ppm) by pressurizing hydrogen dissolution in the second and third stages.



The product’s distinguishing features include small clusters that provide a smooth taste and superior absorption within the human body. Moreover, it is sourced from the pristine regions of Deokyu Mountain, ensuring clean water quality and abundant minerals, making it a rich alkaline water.

Sugyung Co., Ltd. believes that not just longevity, but a healthy life is the true blessing of the upcoming era where a hundred-year lifespan becomes commonplace. Through their high-quality hydrogen beverage, they wish for everyone to embrace a ‘slow-aging’ lifestyle, sustaining health, and youthfulness.
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