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August 24, 2023β-mannanase Enzyme Supplement
[INQ. NO. 2308C31] CTCZYME stands as a game-changer. It acts upon the non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) known as β-mannanase present in livestock feed, which increases the viscosity of digested matter, thus inhibiting the functions of digestive enzymes, glucose and fat absorption, as well as insulin and glucagon secretion. By decomposing these NSPs, CTCZYME improves energy utilization and enhances the immune function of the animals, thereby stimulating their growth.




Bacteriophage Product
eXolution takes an innovative approach to enhance animal health. It works by infecting the host bacteria and causing lysis, thereby improving the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of animals and reducing harmful microbiota in the intestines. eXolution is predicted to serve as an alternative to antibiotics, marking a new era in animal health supplements.



Water-soluble vitamin C
Poustin C, designed for poultry, delivers a multitude of benefits. It helps reduce heat stress in animals, enhances productivity, prevents diseases, and due to its high thermal stability, it continues to boost animal growth even in hot climates.

Each product from CTCBIO Inc., established in 1993, reflects the company’s philosophy of Change, Try, Challenge (CTC). The company operates across three business areas: human medicine, animal medicine, and health functional food.

They possess key technologies such as microbial fermentation technology, drug coating technology, and Drug Delivery System (DDS), which are organically and efficiently applied in their product development, leading to award-winning products like CTCZYME.
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