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August 24, 2023 Cleansing Towel
[INQ. NO. 2308C28] Tomorrow Spring has redefined cleansing with its game-changing product, the Tomorrow Spring Facial Cleansing Towel. This unique product efficiently removes makeup, not only with soap and water but also manages exfoliation, blackhead removal, and sebum control, delivering various skincare benefits. Certified by Germany’s DermaTest, this durable, all-in-one product simplifies both skincare and makeup removal into a single step. Presently, it has found markets in Japan and South Africa as well.



Additionally, the brand introduces an odorless, no-boil dishcloth. Made from eco-friendly cellulose fibers, it inhibits bacterial proliferation, ensuring consistently clean usage. Even with water alone, it allows for simple dishwashing, promising long-term use, hence eco-friendly.

The Tomorrow Spring Facial Cleanser, developed after two years of extensive testing, eliminates the hassle of double or triple cleansing. The powerful adhesion of the cleanser ensures effective removal of any residual makeup. Improving makeup adhesion, it removes dead skin, blackheads, and whiteheads, along with impurities and waste from pores. The product also counters skin troubles resulting from cosmetic changes.



Crafted from eco-friendly cellulose fibers, the cleanser is free of skin troubles, reducing tightness after cleansing. It also improves skin constitution with the brand’s unique fiber formula. When used as a shower towel, the soft material enables gentle usage, even on sensitive areas, making it suitable for infants, ensuring cleanliness throughout.

In September 2022, it received the Derma Test Excellent grade, assuring 99.9% sterilization and deodorization. It maintains cleanliness even in damp bathroom environments, significantly preventing bacterial proliferation. With a long-term usage of approximately six months, the product remains easy to use and clean.

These products are brought to you by OilPang Co., Ltd., a household goods and beauty brand that has consistently focused on premium products for over two decades. After launching its dishcloth product in Korea in 2019, it has established itself as the country’s representative dishcloth brand. In 2023, OilPang launched the beauty brand, Tomorrow Spring, which is currently gaining attention with its facial cleansing towel that reduces bacteria by 99.9%.
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