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August 24, 2023[INQ. NO. 2308C41] Promising durability, versatility, and premium quality, the PICOTYARN products by Dong Do Fiber Co., Ltd. offer a seamless combination of innovation and practicality. The range features three exceptional products: the Nylon BCF Yarn, the Mono Mesh Fabric, and the Polypropylene Filament Yarn.

Nylon BCF Yarn, produced using nylon resin, boasts a unique crimped form, voluminous texture, and impressive elasticity. Its Y-shaped cross-section maximizes surface area, enhancing ventilation and enabling rapid moisture transport. The yarn is stable and retains its form post-processing, offering excellent elasticity and recoverability. Perfect for various household items like carpets, car mats, living room rugs, and dishcloths, it delivers cost savings through its superior bulkiness and high functionality.



Mono Mesh Fabric, made from elastic mono-yarn, offers comfort and durability that last, even for long hours of sitting. Its outstanding durability and deform-resistance ensure its shape stays true, even after prolonged use. Excellent breathability allows heat and moisture to pass through, maintaining a cool and dry usage environment. With a wide range of designs and colors, it gives users the freedom to choose according to personal taste and interior decor. As an office chair fabric, it enhances both the quality and aesthetic of the chair, promising an optimal user experience.



Polypropylene Filament Yarn possesses excellent hardness, lightweight properties, and high resistance to chemicals, contaminants, and drugs. It demonstrates superb heat and humidity resistance, retaining high performance despite temperature and humidity changes.

It can be produced in various colors per customer requirements and is adaptable to the specific properties needed for various industrial applications.

Behind these high-quality offerings is Dong Do Fiber Co., Ltd. Committed to innovation and development under the slogan, “The best products come from invisible dedication!” it prioritizes customer trust and product quality. Leveraging over 30 years of BCF yarn production experience, it continues to excel in the production of a variety of yarn and fabric products and has achieved success in Asian markets such as Japan, Taiwan, and Vietnam. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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