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September 25, 2023

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[INQ. NO. 2309C09] FLUUX, a commercial water filter designed to be used in various household machines such as coffee makers, ice dispensers, water purifiers, and washing machines, has been revolutionizing the ways in which users experience water.

FLUUX is engineered with a wide array of models, each dedicated to effectively purifying water, enhancing its palatability, and reducing maintenance costs of associated machinery. This flexible system finds a home in myriad environments, ranging from cafés, restaurants, bakeries, department stores, water facilities, to public institutions.



This marvel of filtration technology utilizes filters with an impressive pore size of 0.1 – 5 microns, enabling it to eliminate harmful contaminants, including bacteria, lead, particulate matter, cysts, and turbidity. But FLUUX is not just about purification. It is also about taste. By removing chlorine and chloramine, known to cause a bitter or stale taste, FLUUX ensures that each sip of water is a pleasing one.

Moreover, FLUUX’s capabilities do not stop at purification and palatability. It also plays a crucial role in maintaining the longevity of machines.



By inhibiting scale build-up, FLUUX assists in extending the lifespan of related machinery, consequently lowering maintenance costs and resulting in improved long-term profits.

The product is globally recognized and certified by NSF and WRAS, which is testament to its high-quality performance, and it is trusted by customers worldwide.



Behind this innovative product is Microfilter Co., Ltd., a world-class filtration expert company with over 20 years of experience. Having established a global network in over 40 countries, Microfilter’s groundbreaking manufacturing techniques and know-how in filter systems and carbon blocks have positioned it as a leading force in the global market for water purifiers.


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