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October 26, 2023
[INQ. NO. 2310C25] Established in 2001, Deoproce is a brand committed to laying a robust foundation for skin health, emphasizing the significance of early and appropriate skincare routines. Among its myriad offerings, the Colorful Ampoules shine as a true embodiment of this commitment.
With a diverse range of five different types, each Colorful Ampoule is a bottle filled with the elixir of vitality and rejuvenation.
Hyaluronic Moisture Ampoule, rich with varied molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, forms a triple moisture barrier, ensuring deep hydration and plumpness.
Vita Whitening Ampoule, packed with 99% pure vitamin derivatives, dissipates dullness, imbuing the skin with a natural radiance and glow.
Centella Calming Ampoule stands as a guardian against environmental stressors, packed with tea tree leaf and centella asiatica extracts, known for their potent soothing properties. Pink Collagen Boosting Ampoule infuses the skin with low molecular weight collagen, ensuring hydration and youthful elasticity.
Ceramide Nourishing Ampoule fortifies the skin barrier, utilizing a quintet of lipids, including multiple ceramides, to bind moisture to parched skin, off ering relief and robust nourishment.

In addition, the AC Cica Calming Boosting Line, laden with the healing embrace of centella asiatica extract, provides a holistic four-step regimen for sensitive skin, ensuring soothing relief and repair for damaged skin barriers. Each step is a pledge to gentle care, making it a sanctuary for sensitive skin.
OVCOS Co., Ltd. is a company deeply intertwined with unwavering commitment to skin health, furthering the journey towards holistic well-being and radiant skin. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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