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October 26, 2023 Shampoo
[INQ. NO. 2310C35] Hidden deep in the lush rainforests of the Amazon lies a miracle berry, Camu Camu. Native to the region, this Peruvian herb fruit is part of the plum family and is often revered by the locals as the “last fruit bestowed by the gods.”
As it matures, the green Camu Camu berry undergoes a fascinating transformation, transitioning from red to a deep purple shade. This change signifies the formation of anthocyanins, potent physiological active substances.
Camu Camu’s strength doesn’t stop at its vivid coloration. It’s a power-packed berry brimming with Vitamin C, polyphenols, potassium, and a host of other vital minerals like citric acid and hyaluronic acid.
To put its potency into perspective, its Vitamin C content dwarfs that of lemons by 60 times, pineapples by 268 times, oranges by approximately 70 times, and apples by a staggering 1610 times.

Realizing the vast potential of this superfruit, it has been skillfully harnessed to create the Camu Camu Natural Pure Shampoo. This functional shampoo is designed to alleviate symptoms of hair loss.
Extracted using natural methods, the shampoo not only carries the invigorating natural scent of Camu Camu but is also rich in polyphenols, contributing to immunity changes and anti-allergy effects.
Additionally, its anthocyanin content off ers antioxidant, anti-infl ammatory, and antimicrobial benefits.

Rich mineral content ensures the maintenance of healthy hair, while its specialized ingredients (natural biotite-mineral, sulfur, calcium, magnesium) address hair loss and scalp issues, further enhancing hair volume. The product’s reliability is bolstered with an FDA approval and the use of natural surfactants, making it suitable for all genders.
Developed by Y&D Inter Trade, a company rooted in precision and integrity, this shampoo stands as a testament to their commitment to well-being, health, and happiness in this wellness-driven age. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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