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October 26, 2023 Coatings
[INQ. NO. 2310C19] Q-fit is a water-based exterior paint, encompasses high-performance pigments and substantially reduces harmful substances.
Soon&Soo is an interior counterpart, eschews harmful heavy metals and limits volatile organic compounds, offering a fresh and safe living environment and enhancing the quality of life.


Waterproof Flooring Materials:
As architectural trends lean towards larger and higher-rise buildings, the demand for enduring and superior waterproofi ng has skyrocketed. Noroo Paint & Coatings heeds this call by delivering products marked by exceptional crack resistance, robust adhesion, and long-term waterproofing capabilities.

Energy-Saving Paint
Energy Saver Paint, a pioneering invention in Korea, stands as a formidable barrier to infrared rays, slashing energy consumption in buildings. In addition to its energy-saving attributes, it affords protection against ultraviolet rays, safeguarding human skin, building interiors, and other exhibitions from potential harm.

Automotive Paint
Noroo Paint & Coatings’ automotive refinish paint is celebrated worldwide for its impeccable quality and unerring color-matching system.

Industrial Coatings In the industrial domain, its coatings enhance the quality and 36class of various everyday products, echoing its global commitment to environmentally friendly and high-quality products.

Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd., established in 1945, carries a legacy of leading Korea’s industrial development for around 80 years, continuously evolving to meet the multifaceted needs of its global clientele.
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