Sealon Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of seam tapes and adhesive film that can change sewing conditions based on its professional experiences and techniques since its establishment in 2002. Specializing in seam seaming and welding technology with over 20-year experience, Sealon seeks to keep up with the

NEW SE JAE Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing knitted fabrics for over 20 years specializing in manufacturing polyester rigid-flexible textile rayon, and T/R rigid-flexible textile. All employees have a sense of ownership and the twisting machines and knitting machines operated in the same location allow for efficient systemic production management and cost reduction.
NEW SE JAE focuses will give you quick and easy access to a comprehensive database of textiles & fabrics manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and wholesalers in Korea.
On this site, you can search any textile materials and producers in the fastest and most convenient way. What’s more, this online business platform directly carries updates on newly developed products

Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very