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High Functional Knit Fabrics

[INQ. NO. 1710C06] Established in 2001, J.B.Fabric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of knitt ed fabrics for woman’s apparel in Korea and has been exporting its fabrics to the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and China. Its main products are knitt… Representative Portal Site of the Korean Textile Industry for the World’s Leading Businesses will give you quick and easy access to a comprehensive database of textiles & fabrics manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and wholesalers in Korea.
On this site, you can search any textile materials and producers in the fastest and most convenient way. What’s more, this online business platform directly carries updates on newly developed products

Fulltouch Chalk

Made of the finest calcium carbonate, it is light and draws very smoothly. With clear color and great visibility, it makes students more concentrated. is erased very well and generates little chalk dust. Thin chalks easily break and are dumped often. However, Hagoromo Chalk is thick and long so it is very

Eco-Magic Pervious Blocks

[INQ. NO. 1603C27] Eco-top Co., Ltd. is a Korean company that has developed a variety of techniques to restore the ecological environment of cities as well as damaged water cycle and prevent natural disaster dealing with climate change through the…

Korea Industrial Technology Association

The Korea Industrial Technology Association (KOITA), founded in 1979 to strengthen the innovation capabilities of Korean companies, is the nation’s preeminent institution contributing to the advancement of industrial research and development. KOITA has been leading the formation of the country’s…

KINTEX: Asia’s No. 1 Exhibition & Convention Center

KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center) is Korea’s largest-scale exhibition center. It hosts global top-level events through aggressive marketing and develops and nurtures competitive exhibitions. In addition, KINTEX expands various facilities for customers’ convenience while focusing on developing additional profitable businesses. An ultimate goal…

Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

Korea Industrial Complex Corp. (KICOX) is a specialized institution for industrial complexes dedicated to contributing to the development of the national economy by developing and managing industrial complexes nationwide and by supporting production activities of the companies operating there. Ever since


HALAL EXPO KOREA 2015 As the Halal food market has been growing rapidly, HALAL EXPO KOREA is slated to take place for three days from November 27 to 29 at KINTEX in Korea, drawing keen attention among Korean food companies.…

Products selected by Gyeongsangnamy-do

Realize your dreams! The best investment is in Gyeongsangnam-do where the perfect infrastructure awaits you The best investment location Gyeongsangnam-do consists of eight cities and ten counties, with an area of 10,537.32km2 that comprises 10.51% of the total territory of…