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Korean food and beverage:

Ginseng Berry Product

Ginseng Berry Korea manufactures products made from ginseng fruit. Focusing on the efficacy of ginseng fruit, the company is devoted to R&D to deliver deep and rich flavor and efficacy through its own special production

Various Korean Traditional Food Products

Daedo Food is a traditional food manufacturer, producing diverse product groups for each grade. It produces about 30 kinds of products such as iced noodles, broth, and dumplings. Its products have been recognized for their excellent taste and are supplied to traditional food restaurants, and fine garden restaurants. Since 2006, the company has supplied its own specialty brand

Tasty Scorched Rice Chips

[INQ. NO. 1805C21] GLMORE Co., Ltd. has been producing rice processing foods since 2014. Using rice produced in Korea, it develops various rice processed foods for the health of the people and suitable for the tastes of consumers of today.…

Organic Calcium

FM AGTECH was founded in 1998 with the aim of developing agricultural products using fermented microorganisms. The company has been developing microbial agents for eco-friendly agricultural products from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. FM AGTECH has

Health Drink

[INQ. NO. 1805C17] Wellfarm Co., Ltd. is a professional Korean manufacturer of health drinks. Equipped with advanced production facilities, the company produces many different Korean beverages, such as health drinks, fresh juices, and concentrated fruit juices to suit consumers’ changing…

Korean Kimchi

Since its founding in 2005, IIKIM Co., Ltd. has been producing kimchi, a Korean traditional side dish. Through systematic hygiene facilities and a thorough quality control system, the company produces superior quality kimchi

Makgeolli (Korean Rice Wine)

Seoul Jangsoo Co., Ltd. is Korea’s largest and oldest Makgeolli producer. It uses high-quality ingredients to provide the taste of the original Korean rice wine Makgeolli. Its products have acquired HACCP certification.
By using carefully selected rice and clean water, Jangsoo Draft Makgeolli

Specially Blended Tea Bags

Look Our Tea, produced by Resh Co., Ltd., is a tea bag that retains the tea leaves without crushing them in order to maintain the original taste and aroma of tea leaves. Using carefully selected tea leaves and herbs from all over the world, this Korean casual tea brand offers a wide […]

Korean Traditional Crisps

Korean Traditional Crisps [INQ. NO. 1804C21] Traditional crisps are made of dried and fried seaweed, lotus root, sesame leaf, and then fried in oil. In the past, they were mainly eaten as a side dish, but nowadays they are enjoyed…

Nature-friendly Food Ingredients

JSM Group is a professional food ingredient manufacturer that has developed business with wide networks including over 300 domestic and global partners in China, Vietnam, etc. Its R&D center is focusing on the development of new products such as specified natural color, emulsion color, flavor, emulsifier and stabilizer, preservative, and functional ingredients.
JSM Group has recently established JSM Food and launched a brand of Café Estrella to lead the new dessert market.

Naturally-processed Health Foods

Jeongdream Ginger Sauce produced by Jeongdream contains 50% ginger extract but with no sharp taste. Containing ample amounts of ginger juice, it may still feel watery even when it is boiled to over 80 brix, which indicates high-quality ginger juice.

Health Drinks & Beverages

Established in 1999, WELLBIOTECH has been producing health drinks and exporting them to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and the USA. The company is attracting a lot of attention through various products including health drinks, diet drinks, and collagen drinks.
Cultured Korean Mountain Ginseng, a

Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodle)

Naengmyeon (Korean Cold Noodle) [INQ. NO. 1804C17] Yoo Cheon Naengmyeon Chenghawoo is a noodle manufacturing franchise with a 34-year history. Chenghawoo, its subsidiary established in 2012, is a HACCP-certified quality food producer, producing Yoo Cheon Naengmyeon, dumplings, broth, and sauces.…