Sobble Cushion Baby Bath Tub is an innovative item with unique features. Even when a raw egg is dropped on it from two meters above, it never breaks thanks to the cushion with its outstanding marshmallow softness. The excellent heatretention material preserves the warmness three times longer than conventional

The clean room wiper produced by TSP Korea Co., Ltd. is made of various materials such as micro fiber, polyester, and non-woven material for various purposes, and is used for equipment and floor cleaning at production sites of semiconductors, FAB, LCD, etc. Unlike low-priced Chinese products, it is cleaned and

FOAMZERO®, an antifoaming and degassing agent, is effective for controlling and removing bubbles in various industrial processes. Defoamers are generally divided into silicone oil based products and products based on non-silicone substances such as fatty alcohols, mineral oils, surfactants, hydrophobic materials.
OTAS, a fabric softener, removes 99.9%

Established in 1994, INSAN Co., Ltd. has recently launched a brand Mr. KING of HOUSE KEEPING through its know-how and experience accumulated over the past 21 years. With creative planning, excellent technology, and reliable quality management, INSAN has become the first company in Korea to develop antibacterial scrubbers utilizing