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Body Care Products

All In One Total Body Care and Starinstar are all-in-one products for body care such as body perfume, body scrub, body lotion, and soothing gel. In particular, using natural scouring walnut shell ingredients, these products are good for the skin as the organic argan oil and moisturizing ingredients form

Foot Peeling Mask

SalaNsu Foot Peeling Mask is a beauty care product designed to take care of the skin at home. It is a foot pack that allows effective foot exfoliating in three steps, which takes about

Colored Papers & Glue Stick

PAPER FOLDING SERIES are a collection of carefully selected art work that children can easily fold paper into the shape of dinosaurs and cute puppies so on. The completed animal can be expressed nicely by attaching decorative stickers. In particular, It consists of 68 pieces of colored paper ranging from double-sided

Insecticide & Disinfectant

Home Power Killer Water Green Kill Aerosol, the company’s flagship product, is made mainly of d-phenothrin that is virtually non-toxic, by using water as the primary solvent instead of petroleum. As the perceptions of individuals toward hygiene and the environment change, this product helps to maintain a pleasant environment through pest control for homes and offices

Paulownia Wood & Combination Blinds

The advantages of paulownia wood include its light weight and inflexibility that prevent parts from being broken. Its natural grain and angle control can effectively adjust the sunlight, thus expressing a variety of luxurious and comfortable moods. The functional and anti-bacterial blinds eliminate air-pollutants such as staphylococcus

Hybrid Coating Agent

Conventional glass coating agents come with high entry-barriers due to high product costs, quick hardening time, short duration, unpleasant odors, high construction costs, and difficulty in removing stains.
Rutilo is the world’s first hybrid coating

Fuel Additive

The products of ECOBURN International save resources and reduce greenhouse gases, thereby contributing to improvement of the global economy and the environment.
ECOBURN improves the fuel quality

Simple & Creative Accessory

Ordinary Woman, an accessory brand of Lubety Inc., consists of fun and creative everyday accessories to satisfy the women’s everyday needs.
Made with the slogan “I need a cosmetic sample lid!” Ordinary Woman Sample Clip can be used to seal the

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

EAGLE VET TECH Co., Ltd., established in 1970, has been devoted to the manufacture and sales of veterinary pharmaceuticals for about 50 years as well as product development under strict quality control standards. It has established a global network of more than 20 countries around the world as of 2017 since it first