There’s an old saying “Sleep is better than medicine.” This ancient proverb indicates the close relationship between sleep and people’s health. In Korea, a unique floor heating system called Ondol has been developed over thousands of years, becoming experimentally known to greatly contribute to a sound sleep, eventually leading to our health and well-being. The Ondol bed emits far-infrared rays upon

How do you store the childcare supplies and consumables that you have so carefully selected while waiting for the baby to be born? Do you store them carelessly by leaving them exposed to various harmful substances and numerous external bacteria after all the cleaning with a detergent exclusively for children?PIGBEE KOREA specializes in manufacturing fully domestically produced antibacterial baby zipper bags.
PIGBEE Antibacterial Zip Rock, its main product

Baessaldoduk, produced by Saengginara, can take care of various ailments such as obesity, gynopathic diseases, insomnia, and menstrual cramps. Just by wearing it promotes bowel movement through its simultaneous moxibustion,