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HKP Co., Ltd. – Footcare Products

Company Information

HKP Co., Ltd. - Footcare Products


To make your precious hands and feet healthier and smoother



We made product with natural ingredients such as honey extracts, cetella asiatica extracts and coconut oil so that men and women of all ages can enjoy body care.



Warm heating care is provided for modern people with cold hands and feet and for body tired from fatigue.
It facilitates blood circulation and makes your skin healthy.



We are developing various hand&foot care products with responsibility for smooth and healthy body. We will continue to make efforts for reasonable prices and higher quality.



Product Catalogue


Product Descriptions

Heel-Peeling Mask

SOFLISSE Only Heel Peeling is a total care for thick-to-fine dead skin cells, odffering comfort while wearing.
Heel-peeling mask provides intensive care of dead skin cells only with a special heel pad.
Intensive heel-peeling mask wrapping heels only, which require exfoliation except for the top of the foot and toes. The heel-pealing mask takes intensive care of dead skin cells only with a special heel pad.


Heel Patch

SOFLISSE Soft Heel Patch is made using orange and carrot extracts. These moisturizing ingredients prevent moisture evaporation on cracked heels. This product provides fatigue relief and calming effects to tired foot skin all day. It can be attached to areas with severe curves with four perforations. Multi-care is available anywhere in the body, particularly heels, elbows, and dry knees
In addition, it does not irritate the skin, so there is no problem with wearing it for a long time, and you can even sleep peacefully while wearing it. Carrots have excellent moisturizing and skin protection properties, forming a skin barrier on cracked heels to prevent moisture from evaporating.
HKP Co., Ltd. specializes in trading and distribution. It launched the brand SOFLISSE, which comprises handcare and foot care products, in 2014.
Featuring a unique design and high quality, SOFLISSE has sold more than one million units lust through Olive Young, the largest drugstore in Korea.



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