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M&B Co., Ltd. – Maternity Underwear & Supplies

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M&B Co., Ltd. - Maternity Underwear & Supplies


BRAND, Mom’s day


“Mom’s day” signifies the meaningful day of becoming a mother, and gives symbolic meaning by using a heart shape that looks like a mother embracing her child as the emblem.

Underwear made with our focus on not only mothers but also children in the womb….

Mom’s day will put in every effort through continuous research and development to present the best gift that fit the body shape of pregnant women with comfort, beauty, brilliance and excellent functions for pregnancy to birth.


Mom’s day Luxury underwear for pregnant women

Mom’s day is a premium underwear brand made by the best professionals in Korea with consideration of body shape management and breastfeeding for every period during pregnancy upto childbirth.

Maternity Body-fit Support System which was developed to effectively respond to the changes in body shape throughout each stage of pregnancy will protect not only the pregnant women, but also the precious fetuses safely and comfortably.



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Product Descriptions

Prenatal waist support is a must for expectant mothers. When pregnant, women suffer from backache caused by the increased weight and subsequent force applied to their backs and joint pains caused by the posture that becomes unbalanced. Prenatal waist support plays an important role – it not only helps the pregnant women ease the back pain but also helps protect the fetus from external shock.

As the number of months in pregnancy increases, the weight of the uterus gradually grows heavier, imposing a heavy burden on the back and causing back pain. That is why pregnant women need prenatal waist support.

When the prenatal waist support supports the fetus instead of compressing the belly, premature childbirth can be prevented as the fetus will feel comfortable, and the mothers-to-be will feel less back pain and be able to straighten up their postures.

Made using six self-developed maternity body support systems, MOM’S day has been created in consideration of comfort and ergonomic design by using nature friendly materials and special fabrics such as cotton, modal, and tencel.

A dual-shaped belt made of materials friendly to the skin not only supports the lower abdomen but also the back and the pelvis. Its three-stage hidden Velcro can be used to adjust the belt according to the stage of pregnancy.

Four large flexibones are inserted to stably support the back, and the perforated elastic band is applied in the rear of the waist to ventilate the area. The double inner layers in the belly area protect the fetus by reducing the shock.
M&B Co., Ltd. owns “MOM’S day,” a premium maternity underwear brand designed to offer solutions from pregnancy to childbirth, and “Mother is,” a birth supplies brand.



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