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OVCOS Co., Ltd. – Vegan Cosmetics

Company Information

OVCOS Co., Ltd. - Vegan Cosmetics


Brand Story

OVCOS is the “Total Beauty Brand” of Green Cos, featuring clean and reliable products with quality you can trust.
To realize customer health and beauty, we are making innovative new products carefully for each product line.
OVCOS will continue to walk the path to beautiful skin.


You cannot go against time, but you can reverse skin aging.
Your skin condition, the change you feel every day, the traces of the years that you passed DEOPROCE wants to share your life story as a brand of more than just cosmetics.


DEOPROCE manufactures and supplies nature-friendly cosmetics to provide clean and relaxed products for your weary skin.
Feel fresh skin as if you were born again!


The wisdom of the ancient legend and the queen of timeless beauty, ESTHER, ESTHER is a beauty brand for women who explore, inherit, and reproduce the beauty of queens that transcend time.


The grace of the queen is an unconcealed elegance.
ESTHER focuses on the essence of beauty, so that you can shine with your own noble beauty without adornment.
Experience soft feeling, comfort that stabilizes mind and body, firm and smooth skin with the nobility of a queen with ESTHER’s luxury products of excellent technology based on premium ingredients!


Beauty secrets that makes you beautiful every day DAILY:A, which brings freshness to those tired of regular cosmetics, gives life a boost and represents your beauty.


Healthy skin changes, starts with MUSE VERA
“We are dreaming of MUSE”
MUSE VERA was born to imbue inspiration to the repose of the soul, unlimited potential, and healthy skin.


Strong prescription to ever more sensitive and vulnerable skin of modern people due to cosmetic residue, fine dust, and various stresses that are damaging to the skin.
MUSE VERA naturally stimulates the skin, giving it natural energy based on professional consultation and research of skin experts.
Naturalistic cosmetic brand that fulfills trust and dedication with carefully selected formula containing natural vitality and clear and safe remedies.



Product Catalogue


Product Descriptions

[INQ. NO. 2211C23] Deoproce Real Fresh Vegan is a vegan product that contains 100% clean plants involving no animal testing or animal-derived ingredients. Its products and production facility have been certified by Expertise Vegan Europe.

For skin health, it contains none of the 20 harmful ingredients and artificial fragrances, while containing concentrated nutrients of herbs such as lavender, borage, rosemary, cornmint leaf, thyme, chamomile flower, salvia leaf, and common jasmine to provide the skin with mild and healthy green energy.

Unlike any other existing sun cream products that makes skin either greasy or dry, Deoproce Hyaluronic Cooling Sun Gel is light-textured, highly moisturizing and gentle on the skin when applied. It is a triple-function cosmetic product containing hyaluronic acid, ceramide, clean Jeju mineral lava water, bamboo extract, Baobab tree seed extracts, and Eucalyptus leaf extracts, it helps lower the temperature of the skin, irritated from sunlight, and keeps it hydrated.

It has a proven ability to effectively block powerful UV rays, keep skin hydrated, and temporarily reduce the temperature of the skin. It has also passed skin-irritation testing.

OVCOS Co., Ltd. is expanding its business to about 30 countries including those in Southeast Asia, plus the United States, and Australia.



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