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RaNIQ Co., Ltd. – Medical Cosmetics

Company Information

RaNIQ Co., Ltd. - Medical Cosmetics


Ethos of derma J
derma J is a medical Skin Care brand that specializes in “Beauty Inertia” for “Young Skin”.
As a skin home care brand, we look for a new Cosmetical Trend and promise you the quality of our products.
derma J will join us in maintaining skin youth in our daily lives, and the constant movement towards beauty.

Peptastin is the complex combination of peptide which is main ingredient of Skin recovery & Brightening

The peptide stimulates, generates and expedites collagen element, thereby, it will bring the effects of reducing wrinkles and promoting elasticity of skin. It activates the regeneration of damaged skin cells and helps to normalize collapsed skin functions.



Brand Story


Dermatologists with long experience/knowledge participated in the development/testing themselves, and based on that expertise, we want to present a safe and effective skin care solution for skin problems.


The start of a beautiful inertia towards skin youth!
derma J is the brand of medical skin care developed and researched by expert dermatologists with specialized programs for skin therapy.


Dermatologists participate in all of the planning, development, production, and clinical trials of all products, presenting only the solutions chosen in very strict process. With the most secure components and the know-how of countless experts, quality improvements are instantly reflected in different dimensions, presenting a comprehensive skin care solution that is effective and innovative for skin improvement.
derma J is currently a dermatology specialty brand chosen and used by experts in hospitals and clinics across the country, promising to offer scientific skin care solutions for healthy and beautiful skin.



Product Catalogue

Cosmeceutical Skin Care Brand ‘derma J’

Highly recommended K-beauty Mask Pack

Product Descriptions

A peptide is a protein fragment − one of the four major components of the human body, which promotes metabolism and physiological activity. It is widely used for promoting daily skin regeneration and moisturizing after cosmetic procedures such as laser, MTS, and peeling.

derma J Peptastine is a skincare product that has been certified through skin hypoallergenic tests and sensitivity tests. It can be used safely after dermatological treatment. In particular, this dual functional cosmetic contains peptide as the main ingredient to help whitening and anti-aging of the skin.

Consisting of derma J Peptestine Essential Toner, derma J Peptastine Intensive Cream, and derma J Peptastine Soothing Gel Mask, it can be used to improve skin damage in the order of toner, cream, and mask.

It is a cream for sensitive skin that provides nutrition from peptides to help moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Essential Toner forms a nourishing moisture film on dry and sensitive skin surfaces to improve and calm skin texture. Intensive Cream is a sensitive product that helps to moisturize and regenerate the skin by supplying peptides to sensitive skin.

Soothing Gel Mask improves skin elasticity and skin tone by penetrating the gel component from the peptide component into the microparticles of the Tencel skin sheet.

In particular, the peptastin gel mask causes low skin friction by using a Tencel sheet made of next-generation fiber material with combined benefits from natural and synthetic fiber. Its smooth surface allows it to be easily used on sensitive skin.

The products are supplied to dermatological clinics as functional basic cosmetics in Korea and they are exported to four countries including Vietnam, China, and Japan.

RaNIQ Co., Ltd., a start-up company founded in 2018, has a number of dermatologists who develop medical skincare cosmetics through collaboration with plastic surgeons and dermatologists.



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