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Bullsone Co., Ltd. – Car Detailing Products

About Bullsone Co., Ltd.


For people who care for cars! BULLSONE is equipped with strong brand power and cutting-edge technology that can cover all the aspects related to car care.



Bullsone is leading the culture of ‘Love My Car’ by providing products and services by taking into account the customers’ health, safety and pleasure as top priority in life along with their vehicles.


Green Certification

In November 2011, Bullsoneshot obtained the Green Certification of Korea, the first time in the car fuel additive industry, owing to its CO2 emission reduction effectiveness.


Green Technology

Technology that is intended to minimize the emission of greenhouse gases and pollutants based on a variety of energy/resource saving techniques (e.g. greenhouse gas reduction technique, energy efficiency technique, green production technique, green energy technique, recycling & green technique (including related convergence techniques), etc.)


Green Certification

Strict governmental certification of eco-friendly technologies (e.g. solar energy, wind power, marine energy, bio energy, CO2 collection, etc.)


TUV Certification

Committed to being the world’s best company, BULLSONE has been continuously endeavoring to make technical improvement. Such endeavor resulted in a TUV certification mark, which signifies global recognition of our excellence. Bullsoneshot by BULLSONE is an outstanding product that has been acknowledged by numerous institutions in the world.


TUV certification

In order to obtain a certificate from TUV, an internationally-recognized certified testing agency, not only the product itself but also the company’s production process and business systems should be extraordinary. In Germany, any product with TUV mark is recommended by the government, and consumers trust and purchase such products.

Main Products


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Car Care Catalogue

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Product Descriptions



For car enthusiasts who crave a touch of luxury in their detailing experience, LUNATIC POLISH is the brand to watch. Born from a desire to offer exceptional and professional car care products, this premium detailing brand is a cut above the rest. LUNATIC POLISH takes it a notch higher by targeting detailing aficionados who seek both performance and premium sensibility.

The product lineup is specialized and expansive, designed to meet the needs of even the most discerning car owners. From “De Lunar Wax,” which promises a high-gloss finish, to “Wheel & Tyre Hybrid Cleaner” that removes even the most stubborn grime, each product is a testament to quality and performance. “Cut De Iron” is perfect for those who need to remove iron particles without damaging the paint, while “Super APC” is an all-purpose cleaner that can tackle any mess.

For those who love the smell of a clean car, “Cherry Fit Tyre Gel” and “Cherry Fit Car Shampoo” offer a delightful cherry scent along with their cleaning prowess. “Sweet Bubble Car Shampoo” provides a deep clean with a pleasant aroma, and “Sleekfall Wax” offers a sleek finish that repels water and dirt. “Clearfit Pre-Wash” and “Purefit Acid Pre-Wash” prepare your car for a thorough cleaning, and “Foam Foam Interior Cleaner” ensures that the inside of your car is as spotless as the outside.

The brand promises to continue expanding its product lineup, offering even more specialized solutions for car detailing enthusiasts.

Manufactured by Bullsone Co., Ltd., a leader in the car care business since 2001, LUNATIC POLISH benefits from the company’s extensive experience in developing high-quality car care products. With a range that spans from engine care to air fresheners, Bullsone has consistently been a market leader, making LUNATIC POLISH a trusted name in premium car detailing.

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