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DPcalm – Foam Scalp Cleanser

About DPcalm

DPcalm was founded to develop cosmetic products using natural ingredients for those who are suffering from a variety of scalp conditions caused by dyeing or perms.

In treating such skin conditions, we remain faithful to two principles:

“More thorough scalp cleansing and scalp soothing using natural ingredients.”

Personally, I decided to develop these products myself after I had experienced scalp problems and even hair loss caused by frequent hair dyeing for a long time. At DPcalm, we have launched the scalp cleanser “DupiCalm,” which washes away hair dye residues from the scalp and soothes the scalp, using natural ingredients.

The DupiCalm comes in two product lines: foam and ampoule types. The foam type is easy to use, while the ampoule type is a disposable concentrate that is more effective in cleansing and soothing the scalp than the foam type.

At DPcalm, we will continue our efforts to develop healthy scalp care products to make your scalp feel more comfortable.

Main Products

Foam Scalp Cleanser

Foam Scalp Cleanser

Foam Scalp Cleanser

Foam Scalp Cleanser

Foam Scalp Cleanser

Foam Scalp Cleanser

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Product Descriptions

Foam Scalp Cleanser


DupiCalm Foam Scalp Cleanser Cool is a 150 mL foam-type cleanser specifically designed for post-hair dyeing and perming scalp care. Unlike traditional dye removers that require wiping and waiting, DupiCalm offers a hassle-free experience. It’s a wash-off product, used in a wet state after shampooing, eliminating the need for any waiting time post-application.

What sets DupiCalm apart is its patented natural ingredients: lemon, gardenia fruit, black rice, and mugwort. These components not only remove dye residues but also soothe the scalp and manage hair loss. The cleanser’s hypoallergenic, slightly acidic foam ensures a gentle yet effective cleansing process, making it ideal for sensitive scalps.

The product’s versatility is another of its strong suits. It’s not just for individual use; beauty salons and companies are also among its clientele. With its availability on global online platforms like Amazon and eBay, DupiCalm has broadened its reach.

The brand has already made strides in international markets, exporting its ampoule-type product to China.Founded in 2018, DPcalm specializes in the research, development, and production of scalp care cosmetics using natural plant ingredients. With registered patents and trademarks in Korea, the USA, Japan, and China, DPcalm is setting new standards in scalp care.

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