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Firstmarket Co., Ltd. – Functional Cosmetics

About Firstmarket Co., Ltd.

Our story begins on a bright clear day of March 2012 at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Italy.
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is one of the world’s three major cosmetics exhibitions that attract beauty-lovers around the globe. At this leading beauty fair, manufactures and brands are busy showcasing new launches, while buyers run around the site looking for appealing products.
Amid excitement that filled the exhibition halls, I thought of our brand KOCOSTAR.
The initial idea was vague and unclear. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of branding and I didn’t know what makes a good brand (To be honest, I’m still in search of the answer). I just wanted to start a brand and proudly present K-Beauty to the world.


Our Brand Name

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna boasts diverse exhibition halls each featuring nail, hair, skincare, spa, and international beauty brands. Surveying high-end established brands and their innovations taught me two essential facts: a brand name must be easy to remember, and it should contain a story.
Upon this realization, the phrase “Korean Cosmetics Star” flashed across my mind – in short, KOCOSTAR. I fell in love with the name immediately. It was simple enough, and it implied my desire to captivate the global beauty market with K-Beauty products. Although still a small company, we are steadily raising our brand awareness to live up to our name.


Our Dream

We dream of raising Korean cosmetics into global stardom.
KOCOSTAR’s beauty treatments go beyond traditional face masks. We deliver a convenient and effective solution for your everyday head-to-toe beauty concerns.
As we pledged on the day our brand was established, we participate in fifteen to twenty-five international cosmetics exhibitions every year. It’s our delight to introduce unique and family-friendly beauty products – designed by our own hands – to buyers and consumers around the world.
You can now meet our signature products at leading beauty retailers in 80+ countries. I proudly say that we are stepping closer to our dream each moment.


Our Ideal

In our daily life, there are moments of joy and delight as well as moments of frustration and hardship. Our products are designed to present a moment of comfort and happiness to those who endured a hard day. During this relaxing 15 to 20-minute treatment, we sincerely hope that a little piece of happiness would soothe and drive out your bad memories. Your happiness is our joy.


Our Products

All our products are made in South Korea. We guarantee that our domestic manufacturers are ISO 22716 CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and comply with international cosmetics manufacturing standards.
Our top priority is your safety and concern. We may not satisfy 100% of our customers in regards to products’ functionality or effectivity, but we promise to manufacture products you can trust. We will remain as a reliable brand that delivers a moment of joy and happiness.

Main Products

Yellow Cream Patch

Collagen Cream

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Product Descriptions

Functional Cosmetics


Spot Treatment Patch

KOCOSTAR Yellow Cream Patch is a revolution in acne care. This product has already garnered the top spot in the patch category on ‘Hwahae,’ Republic of Korea’s leading beauty app, proving its efficacy.

The yellow cream is a powerhouse of calming ingredients like sulfur, niacinamide, tea tree leaf, and salicylic acid. Once applied, the cream forms a transparent film within about five minutes, thanks to KOCOSTAR’s proprietary Occulsive Dressing Technique (ODT).

This film quickly soothes the affected area, setting it apart from conventional hydrocolloid or needle patches. The product comes with 20ml of cream essence and 50 sterilized, individually packaged cotton swabs that are Oeko-Tex certified, making the application both hygienic and convenient.


Collagen Cream

T1 Collagen Cream, comprising 65% collagen powder and 21 other active ingredients, has completed human application tests for moisture improvement, increased radiance, and elasticity enhancement. It employs both TDS (Transdermal Delivery System) and ODT technologies.

The cream uses low molecular weight collagen, further nanosized for better absorption. Upon application, it forms a transparent natural film under which the active ingredients are fully absorbed.

Both products are manufactured by Firstmarket Co., Ltd., a company established in 2017 specializing in cosmetics retail and online sales. Its business philosophy prioritizes individuals with integrity and a desire for self-improvement, aiming to elevate each team member’s capabilities during their tenure at the company.

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