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Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd.

Pioneering the future with keen insight and innovation

ince its foundation in 1945, NOROO Paint & Coatings has been developing and manufacturing over 30 thousands products ranging from architectural, protective, automotive to industrial coatings. With various highly functional paints including environmentally-friendly products, Noroo guarantees the best quality paint with perfect color, outstanding durability and gloss.

Noroo has been improving its competitive edge in product quality by the complete automation and computerization of the whole process from raw material testing, import, mixing, blending, processing to packaging, while analyzing colors and building databases by applying cutting edge digital technologies in various production sectors.

After declaring the Green Management in 2010, Noroo Paint continues to pursue healthy and sustainable development. Based on 3G(Green Process, Green Product, Green Regulations) of Green Management, the first priority of Noroo’s technology development is in the benefit of harmony of human and nature.

Management Philosophy

Blazing a new trail into the future

Management PhilosophyBlazing a new trail into the futureThe founding Chairman’s devotion to his values of having his business benefit the entire nation as well as his exquisite craftsmanship helped NOROO Group grow and it made significant contributions to laying the groundwork for Korea’s industrial development. Having made enormous strides through its history, NOROO Group now is ready to move to the next level. With its sights set on the global market, NOROO Group is concentrating its core competency for going global with strong commitment to success in the global arena. This calls on all NOROO employees to reflect on the past achievements and obtain insights into the fast-changing global market so as to blaze a new trail with new creations, thorough preparation and a persevering spirit. The new trail that we make will bring happiness to all NOROO employees and it will last to usher in a better world where future NOROO employees and our descendants can lead a pleasant life and prosper. Not dreaming is equivalent to giving up, and not challenging is equivalent to failure. ‘Blazing a new trail is about having an adventurous spirit with a clear vision for the future. Following the path somebody has already created is not going to help us create new things, and searching for existing paths isn’t a true venture. We will develop new technologies and venture into new markets with a creative mind-set in order to blaze a new trail that does not exist now thereby laying a firm foundation for improving the value of our enterprise. Based on effective strategies and a desire to meet new challenges and overcome them, NOROO will become a top-tier enterprise that opens new paths throughout the world.

Main Products

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Product Descriptions

Paint & Coatings


 Q-fit is a water-based exterior paint, encompasses high-performance pigments and substantially reduces harmful substances.
Soon&Soo is an interior counterpart, eschews harmful heavy metals and limits volatile organic compounds, offering a fresh and safe living environment and enhancing the quality of life.

Waterproof Flooring Materials:
As architectural trends lean towards larger and higher-rise buildings, the demand for enduring and superior waterproofi ng has skyrocketed. Noroo Paint & Coatings heeds this call by delivering products marked by exceptional crack resistance, robust adhesion, and long-term waterproofing capabilities.

Energy-Saving Paint
Energy Saver Paint, a pioneering invention in Korea, stands as a formidable barrier to infrared rays, slashing energy consumption in buildings. In addition to its energy-saving att ributes, it affords protection against ultraviolet
rays, safeguarding human skin, building interiors, and other exhibitions from potential harm.

Automotive Paint
Noroo Paint &Coatings’ automotive refinish paint is celebrated worldwide for its impeccable quality and unerring color-matching system.Industrial Coatings In the industrial domain, its coatings enhance the quality and 36class of various everyday products, echoing its global commitment to environmentally friendly and high-quality products.Noroo Paint & Coatings Co., Ltd., established in 1945, carries a legacy of leading Korea’s industrial development for around 80 years, continuously evolving to meet the multifaceted needs of its global clientele.

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