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SOFNT Inc. – Medical Apparel

About SOFNT Inc.

Excellence for the Best

​SOFNT aims to become the leading global company in the Medical Textile & Clothing Industry.


Developing Innovative technologies and products for human safety and healthy everyday life.


To become the most innovative global medical tech company.


Challenging execution, communication & cooperation, and global orientation.


SOFNT is an innovative company specializing in Medical Textile & Clothing.
SOFNT’s technology and design business model supports creative conclusions based on consumer needs and innovative solutions that make people’s daily lives more convenient and safer.


Based on innovative proprietary technologies, we are equipped with technological capabilities that enable one-stop solutions from medical materials to medical wear, medical shoes, and even medical devices.

Main Products

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Product Descriptions

Medical Performance Wear

 ATVLO is a high-performance medical wear brand that is meticulously tailored and optimized for healthcare professionals’ safety and work efficiency. It’s not just another set of scrubs; it’s a revolutionary collection that combines aesthetic design with innovative engineering, tailored to the unique demands of medical and industrial environments.
ATVLO off ers two distinct lines: the high-end ATVLO PRIMO and the essential ATVLO BASIC. The PRIMO line is a sustainable medical collection that incorporates antiviral
and antibacterial technology. It uses patented eco-friendly, biodegradable yarn from Germany, minimizes allergic and irritation reactions, and offers excellent UV protection
(50UPF or higher ).
The fabric retains its functionality even after multiple washes, providing a shield against harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also features activated zinc functions, proven to reduce bacteria and odors. 

The BASIC line, on the other hand, focuses on comfort and style. It guarantees 99.9% antibacterial effectiveness through its HEALTHACLEAN processing and offers stain
resistance via Teflon coating. The fabric is optimized for sensitive skin, using eco-friendly TENCEL™. It minimizes static electricity, offers excellent moisture absorption and
breathability, and maintains a wrinkle-free appearance. The material’s high stretchability ensures comfort and ease of movement, providing a pleasant wearing experience.
Both lines are part of ATVLO’s commitment to ESG management, featuring environmentally friendly, biodegradable medical materials developed through their in-house technology.

Manufactured by SOFNT Inc., a pioneer in innovative medical textile and clothing, ATVLO is a testament to the company’s creative and consumer-focused approach.
SOFNT’s technology, design, and business model offer innovative solutions that make daily life more convenient and safer.
They are expanding their technological capabilities to off er a one-stop solution, ranging from medical materials to medical wear and even medical devices.


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