Lightweight Bag – RUME KOREA

Imagine what if your simple shopping bag can turn into one versatile carrier that is flaring up with fashion and comes practical at the same time. Does it sound too good to be true? But sometimes a few things are too good to be real. This time, Korea’s RUME KOREA makes it happen.

RUME KOREA began spreading its idiosyncratic styles in 2008 as an exclusive distributor for RUME in USA. Years later, RUME KOREA was ready to stand alone, and its independent brand name was born. The bag maker has created light and practical bags that can continue to create a buzz in the market. With its distinctive trait that caters to customers’ ever-changing demand, RUME KOREA is exporting to the numerous international markets around the world. Many of RUME bags have been seen from various popular TV shows or magazines. Even in Hollywood people are carrying them making a scene for fashion lovers.

X The Bag

X The Bag

Whether you are strolling around a nearby supermarket or famous scenes while traveling, RUME KOREA’s Fuchsia All Rime just fits right in and makes your overall look picture perfect. This lightweight bag with several pockets can accommodate more items than expected and never wears you down. Just take this bag and make your trip memorable.

Bin Celedon Rume is known as a multi bag and looks somewhat very classic. It comes useful everywhere you go. Its green color can go in harmony with your surroundings. You can just put items into it and walk around. This plain looking bag is just perfect to enhance your sense of style.

In Korea, RUME KOREA’s CUFF GRASS RUME may sound very unfamiliar. But overseas, people love using it for exercises and hot drinks. You can wrap it around your wrist or arm, and a small attachment comes with a pocket for storing money or small accessories. For more information, you can visit

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Fashion Accessories – JDS BASIC

People’s desire to be looking beautiful and fabulous is universal. Especially women, people the world over are always striving to find ways to look better. Therefore, fashionable items come and go while following whimsical trends in the market. But few things stay for years defying the natural cycle of the trend; they are for example neckties, bags and scarves. With the above premise in mind, JDS BASIC wants to become a fashion maker rather than a transient follower.

JDS BASIC since 2007 has been heavily gifting beauty seekers with unique fashion accessories decorated by maximizing unique Korean patterns and colors. What the fashion pioneer is seeking is about not only reflecting individuality but also promoting companies’ images as effectively as possible. Based upon such demand, JDS BASIC has positioned itself to suggest suitable designs for public promotion, also including introducing numerous fashion items such as belts, neckties, scarves, environmentally friendly items and many more.

For men, the fashion leader suggests neckties with well-arranged patterns and harmonious colors. They are initially originated from the hands of JDS BASIC’s experienced designer whose fashion sense is as extensive and exotic as it can be. Certainly, his Italian experiences affect much on how his unique fashionable ideas are manifested. Each distinctive design is based on many regional themes in Korea.

One of JDS BASIC’s fashion accessories is hair-related. A number of different hair pieces are there for picky customers. Among its glass fashion items, a butterfly –shaped or a rose-shaped one can go quite well with any clothing you wear while giving you a classic look that every woman is envious of. For more information, please visit

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Travelling Equipment

Travelling Equipment - Laplace

Laplace is a specialized travelling equipment company for mania. Its products are being made of thousands of functional tests and suggestions of professional travellers and the customers.
Laplace wants to be a smart friend of all the travellers manufacturing of new design and function ever seen before.


Item Description
– Code name ASSEMBLY
Easy to assemble the parts
Simply carry a bag for a long trip or lots of movements required
Able to use joint heapset or shoulderbag
Good for a trip requiring to take pictures or frequent traveling
– Code name SPREAD
Good to arrange variety of traveling equipments conveniently and systematically



• Laplace Inc.
LaPlace, #418, Joint Laboratory Center, University of Incheon, Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
Tel: (82-70)4085-3754
Fax: (82-32)835-0751
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X The Bag


•Open size : 36 x 30 x 11.5
•Close size : 12.5 x 6.5 x 2.5

•Open size : 43.5 x 38 x 11.5
•Close size : 15 x 7 x 3

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Rume Bag

Rume Bag

  • Open size : 30 x 30 x 11
  • Close size : 10 x 5 x 3
  • Open size : 30 x 30 x 11
  • Close size : 10 x 5 x 3.5
  • Open size : 45 x 45 x 15
  • Close size : 16 x 7 x 3.5

  1. coating: Waterproofing to make water drops fall

  2. Portable: Handheld type! Minimal portable size

  3. Durability: Robust enough to endure up to 20kg

  4. Ultra-light weight: 0.06kg of featherlike lightness

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Rolling Backpack & Luggage Bag

Rolling Backpack & Luggage BagSince 1983, J World has designed and manufactured backpacks and luggage products and distributed them worldwide.

It offers travel-related products, including luggage, business, computer, outdoor, and casual bags for active lifestyles.

Inspired by New York City’s urban lifestyle, each collection is designed with high quality, durability, and performance in mind to meet the needs of children and adults who live an active, fashion conscious, on-the-go lifestyle.

Perfect for students, the popular rolling backpacks (18” 19” 20”) easily moves from home, to the bus, to after-school activities without a hitch. It also comes with sparkling wheels that light up as they spin.

With an assortment of choices and styles, the campus collection is made by using 600d polyester and air mesh cushion backrest, being mobile, durable and fashionable to meet the needs of students in junior high through college.

J World Business collection includes laptop cases, briefcases, messenger bags, rolling backpacks, and rolling duffle bags.

The exceptional travel line of J World luggage bag uses polycarbonate technology to deliver lightweight functionality with high-performance durability.

The hybrid construction includes a combination of fabrics and hardware – 4 spinner wheels and TSA the locking mechanism. The luggage bag (20” 24” 28”)’s space is extendible by 2.5”.

J World’s success extends around the globe with products currently distributed in more than 25 countries (Korea, USA, China, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Morocco, Colombia, Peru, Russia, Denmark, Paraguay, India, Panama Chile, Bermuda, Turkey, Nigeria, Canada, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Thailand).




• J World International Corp.
155-4, Choon-ui dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-32)667-5160/667-5161

World-Class Korean Products -  Korean Prime Brands in

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Best Protective Bag for Your Smart Pad

CASE IN BAG-tablet PC bagAs lightweight tablet PCs are one of the hottest digital gadgets on the market these days, demand for the accessories is also growing. Tablet cases and bags are among the most diverse accessories available. If you’ve just purchased a new tablet computer, you are likely to carry it anywhere you go. But you will surely want to keep your precious digital device secure without being scratched or damaged. That’s why tablet PCs need a protective case. If you are looking for a protective bag for your fancy smart pad, a new tablet PC bag from CASE IN BAG may be a great option.

CASE IN BAG is a Korean company specializing in designing and manufacturing cases and bags for digital gadgets such as cell phones, PDAs, laptops and accessories. Based on the technical know-how accumulated in this field for decades, the company has launched a brand-new tablet PC bag packed with useful features that will keep the smart pad secure and allow you to transport the digital gadget easily wherever you go.

Made from nylon dobby and Oxford cloth, the bag is sturdy and durable. Manufactured using highquality materials, the tablet PC bag is designed for tablet computers, including Apple iPAD to be protected from damage as well as allow it to be easily carried.
Of special note, the internal space features moldings to house the digital gadget conveniently and safely and PVC foam is used for cushioning. Moreover, the bag has additional internal pockets to provide extra storage for your personal items.


CASE IN BAG-detail


This bag is highly functional as well as being protective and durable. It has a foldable stand for easy typing or movie watching. If
people on the move want to use their tablet computer, they simply have to put the backpack on their lap and turn the back of the bag into a stand for the tablet’s display. Using this simple feature, a tablet user can see moving images or he/she can type on the tablet computer. As another useful feature, it has a dial lock so that only the bag owner can open the bag and have access to his or her tablet PC.

This modern, stylish bag is available in four colors – brown, gray, black and navy. It is a tote style bag but can also be worn easily over your shoulder with a removable shoulder strap.



Tel: (82-2)2606-9521/2
Fax: (82-2)2693-2129
E-mail: /

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