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Nail & Beauty Products

[INQ. NO. 1911C26] With the Lupine nail multi sterilizer MK-1000, the user can sterilize nail nippers, pushers, or drill bits easily at home or in a shop. In spite of its small size, 99.9% of sterilization was certified and so…


The AMF Aqua Maskpack, consisting of two items – a mask pack and an eye patch, uses AMF patented ingredients to keeps moisture in the skin for up to 120 hours with its ability to block moisture evaporation and strong water absorption.
AMF Aqua Mask Pack is made of 100%

K Beauty Expo 2018

K-Beauty Expo 2018 will be held on Oct 11-14, 2018.
K-Beauty Expo is an all-encompassing event covering beauty industry engagements in one place. This event provides a platform to have face-to-face interaction and communication between industry experts and attendees,

High-Frequency Stimulators

High-Frequency Stimulators [INQ. NO. 1805C31] HUMANDREAM Co., Ltd. is dedicated to research and development for women’s beauty products, manufacturing specialized equipment for consumers who wish to receive high-quality beauty care treatment and aestheticians. RF System can be used for various…

Home Esthetic Equipment

Founded in 1992, Insung Information Co., Ltd. is Korea’s leading professional company providing total solutions essential for network integration (NI) and industrial informatization. Its business area consists mainly of three parts: IT Solutions, Infrastructure, and Services.
Among the services the company provides, the healthcare business has a lineup ranging from healthcare devices

Sap Sheet

Established in 1999, J & C Trading Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing health and beauty products and exports its products to customers in Japan, the Americas, and Europe. It has been designated as a Promising Small and Medium Export Enterprise by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (MSS) in 2003, 2009, 2013 and 2015, and obtained certifications including ISO 9001, Innobiz, and

Beauty Medical Devices

Since its establishment in 2013, VEL Korea Co., Ltd. has been continuing its growth in the export and distribution of beauty medical devices. The company conducts continuous research and development and bold investment to achieve the best competitiveness for customer satisfaction.
VEL Filler, with dense and elastic particles, maintains its shape for a long time without swelling. It is a high-density

Horsetail Hair Patterned Mirror

Horsetail Hair Patterned Mirror [INQ. NO. 1803C30] Located in Ulsan, a southern port city of Korea, CHAECIE pursues the modern use of Korea’s traditional crafts and designs that are beneficial both to people and the environment. Using eco-friendly materials, its…

Rose Oil Skin Toner

Gelloy International is a specialized manufacturer of ultra-micro EPS bead products and has been exporting various living products have been exported, winning a good reputation in overseas markets.
EO Water is a 100% natural skin care product taking advantage of essential oil’s full benefits. Being a better substitute for essential oil thanks

Sonic Wave Vibration System

–G-FAIR KOREA- [INQ. NO. 1509C05] SONICWORLD Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of a sonic wave vibration system called “SONIX,” which is definitely one of the most cutting-edge sonic wave vibration technologies available on the market. SONIX adopts electromagnetic technologies…

Beauty & Skin Care Devices

[INQ. NO. 1403C06] NARIAN is a diversified beauty and skin care company, focused on improving women’s beauty through technologies and innovations. To be a world leader in beauty and skin care, Narian integrates technologies and design into beauty solutions based…