Sonic Wave Vibration System


[INQ. NO. 1509C05] SONICWORLD Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of a sonic wave vibration system called “SONIX,” which is definitely one of the most cutting-edge sonic wave vibration technologies available on the market.

SONIX adopts electromagnetic technologies and a speaker mechanism to generate sonicwave vibrations with frequencies of 3 to 50Hz. Sonix generates vertical vibrations very precisely and stably for delivery to the person on the plate and these vibrations penetrate deep into the individual organs and cells and stimulate them, giving the effect of physical exercise or workout, or even better effect.

Sonic-Wave-Vibration-System Main Features:
Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise stimulates the inside fine muscle as well as large muscles not as easy to exercise as usual fine muscle to induce a quick stretching effect and recovery from muscle fatigue. Sonic Wave stimulates the facial muscles and bone and tissue cells as well as the whole body to provide the best workout effect that had never been experienced so far.

Sonix will allow you to adjust vibrating frequencies and intensity levels independently, according to your physical conditions. The beneficial effects of whole body vibration from Sonix include the increase of muscle strength, bone mineral density, and growth hormone and the improvement of blood and lymph circulation. These advantages would be good for the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the injured, and the obese, not to mention females with bone density issues, and it is applicable to all sectors of the healthcare industry. We have already received certifications from the FDA and CE. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Body Vibration Machine using Sonic Wave to improve Human Health


SONIX WBV is the integrated sonic wave system, which is a full-body workout machine, and the most advanced sonic wave therapy system using the Sonic World’s unique electromagnetic technology and the principle of sound speakers. Unlike the way of creating complex vibration by rotating the existing motor fast, SONIX wave full-body workout machine is the most advanced science to deliver to the human body by generating precise sonic wave of infrasound. is the world’s first equipment optimized for the principle of vibration to resolve the problems with noise and component wear that motor way has had. It provides enjoyment along with a fantastic feeling of Sonic Wave passed on whole body. In addition, it is a very effective high-tech equipment to enable full-body workout and intensive exercise for each part in an upright position using a frequency of 3 ~ 50Hz. Non-arbitrary sonic wave exercise can further increase maximum strength by over 30% if combined with the existing weight training, training time can be shortened by 85% reduction, and it can prevent injuries that may occur during exercise.

SONIX-WBVFor busy modern people, it provides the best workout effect to exercise 10 minutes at a time. Depending on the user’s physical condition and other conditions, the intensity of the frequency can be controlled to make self-paced movement possible, and it can be used widely from children to professional athletes. It can be used for a variety of purposes in various fields such as health, beauty, medical treatment, professional sports and etc.

More Details

  • Model : VM10/VH11/VC12/VP13C/VT14/VG14
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Sonic World was established in 2010, beginning from the creation of the SONIX WBV and acquiring the patent. Sonic World is working to add value to human life for health and happiness of mankind by innovative challenges and efforts as motives of harmony between human and nature. Products developed and manufactured by the company are distributed worldwide, to countries such as USA, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Span, Swiss, and other countries.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • The R&D Center of Sonic World is focusing continuous research and development for the core technology of sonic wave. Also, the R&D center is developing new systems and products for not only the sonic wave, but also for the healthcare units and medical devices.
  • Sonic World acquired numerous certifications including the ISO 13485, CE, and the electrical appliances safety certification. Also, the products are registered in US FDA, and patents were registered and acquired, such as the dual-control sonic whole-body vibration system and the patent on the plate-type sonic whole body vibration system.
    certification | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Portable skincare device for the international market

Beauty World skincare device

Beauty World is a skincare device using the Galvanic ION and Vibration. Beauty World helps your skin to maintain more clearly. It uses ultramodern technology that is artificial intelligence controller not only to transit our outer skin, and get rid of effete matter in our inner skin, but also it helps cosmetic to permeate into our skin. Beauty World’s main functions are galvanic ion functions, including cleansing, massage, nutrition supply and lifting, and the vibration function. Especially, the vibration function uses extra small size motor that rotates 7,500 times per minute, physical vibration is created to cause relaxation and contraction of the skin muscles and to supplement flexibility of the skins.


Junith skincare device

Junith is a skin massager using the Galvanic Ion & Vibration. Junith helps your skin to maintain more clearly. It uses ultramodern technology that is artificial intelligence controller not only to transit our outer skin, and get rid of effete matter in our inner skin, but also it helps cosmetic to permeate into our skin. Main functions of the Junith are galvanic ion, including the cleansing function, massage, nutrition supply function and lifting, and vibration function and the red LED therapy. Especially, the red LED therapy uses red LED with the wavelength of 660nm most suitable for reviving damages skins, it helps to maintain your skin healthy.

More Details

  • Brand : Beauty World / JUNITH
  • Place of origin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Dreamsys Co., LTD is a company that manufactures and exports portable skin care devices, and starting from the product development phase, Dreamsys analyze everything about skin for women all around the word before we develop and export our products. The company is loved all over the world especially in Singapore and Malaysia. As a next generation driving force, Dreamsys Co., LTD is continuing the development and manufacture to merge LED and cosmetic devices. Using high quality cosmetic devices, Dreamsys Co., LTD will always be a good partner for women.

Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Since establishment in 2012, Dreamsys Co., LTD specialized in the development of innovative skincare devices for women, and released Dione, Beauty World, Skinstar and Junith. The affiliated R&D institute was registered and approved in 2013. Moreover, the company was designated by the Korean government in 2012 as an innovative venture company.
  • Through innovative R&D, Dreamsys Co., LTD acquired numerous certifications including ISO 9001 / 2000 and ISO 14001 / 2004 Certifications, and international standards such as CE and FCC. Also, the cosmetic devices of Dreamsys Co., LTD had been registered for the domestic patent.
    certifications | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Beauty & Skin Care Devices

Beauty & Skin Care Devices[INQ. NO. 1403C06] NARIAN is a diversified beauty and skin care company, focused on improving women’s beauty through technologies and innovations. To be a world leader in beauty and skin care, Narian integrates technologies and design into beauty solutions based on technologies and science for beauty.

It will fully commit to putting all its efforts and expertise to work for the beauty and well – being of women around the world. Narian’s main item is VISS IPL which removes hairs on the body through intensely pulsed light system. This sophisticated light based system delivers professional, laser equivalent results in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Also, VISS IPL system provides skin rejuvenation function and acne treatment function as well as hair removal function in one machine.

Narian’s another popular item is VISS RF (Radio Frequency) machine. Its handheld 2Mhz RF is ideal for lifting and wrinkle care focused on face and neck. The head of machine is spinning and it gives more powerful effects on face and neck. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Beauty & Healthcare Products

201309C_Beauty & Healthcare Products is a pain relief device using micro current. The device helps keep the body balance and quickly remove the pain by increasing the lowered voltage in the body with the use of micro current.

NDT Land Co. provides organics cosmetics and a range of products using amethyst, including cosmetics, jewelry, household goods and industrial products as well as the pain-relief device, Megason.

201309C_Beauty & Healthcare Products1

Amethyst is wieldy used to produce healthcare and beauty-care products as it provides a variety of properties such as far infrared radiation, anion radiation, skinlightening effect, anti-bacterial / sterilization effect, cell regeneration, toxin discharge and purification of the blood. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

2013 Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea In May 2013 opens a prelude to “K-Beauty” presenting healthy beauty.

cs1The Organizing Committee for the 2013 Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea is tuning the final touches of all preparations, from expo programs to venue construction, to take care of 300 domestic and foreign companies, 2,000 buyers and one million visitors who are expected to flood the 24-day Expo from May 3 through 26 this year. One of the organizers, Chungcheongbuk-do has an ambitious strategy to grow Osong as the hub of cosmetics R&D and distribution as well as the educational center for the beauty service industry.

Also, through the Expo, the Chungcheongbuk-do plans to introduce lots of domestic cosmetics and beauty brands, which have stood under the shadows of some global brands so far, and play a pivotal role as an outpost of K-Beauty, a unique cultural trend of Korean cosmetics and beauty.


Here is introduction of each zone of the Expo, showing everything from the origin of K-Beauty to the modern cosmetics and beauty world fused with cutting-edge science and technologies such as BT, IT and NT. The Expo is composed of five zones; welcoming site, themed site, industry site, experience site and communication area.
Welcoming Area – Just after passing the entrance, you can find five pine trees and “Osong Five brothers and sisters,” the Expo’s official characters, welcoming all of you. If you are not sure which way you should go first, please ask the information desks ready to answer your questions in many places.


cs2Themed Area – World Beauty Pavilion: You can find the value of beauty expressed in different ways depending on time and geographical location. This place shows the history of cosmetics through beautiful persons from the eastern and western worlds. Especially, it provides with three-dimensional images of the secret makeup techniques used by Hwang Jin-i, Shin Saimdang and Queen Inhyeon, known as beautiful women in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty era.
Through Korean cosmetics’ 100-year history, you will be able to find the excellence of K-Beauty
following the Korean Wave and K-Pop.
cs3Beauty Innovation Pavilion: This place introduces cutting-edge bio and science technologies that deter the aging process and keep the skin young. In particular, you can meet the cosmetics and beauty industries’ future vision that Osong offers with a fusion of its advanced technologies in the bio and medical fields and its neighboring Ochang’s nano and information technologies. You will have opportunities of checking your skin conditions on your own.
cs4Industry Area – Cosmetic Industry Pavilion: Cosmetic companies from home and abroad exhibit
their major and new products. This is an industrial hall where B2B transactions can be made. About 2000 domestic and foreign buyers are participating for business.
Beauty Industry Pavilion: Domestic and foreign manufacturers of beauty supplies exhibit their major and new products. This is another industrial hall where B2B and B2C transactions can be made. About 2000 buyers from many countries are participating for business. Beauty educational organizations, associations, groups and research institutes are having exhibition booths as well.


cs5Beauty Market: Here are brand shops selling foreign and domestic cosmetic products and beauty supplies. You can try the products for comparison and purchase them at a discounted price. Competition: About 10,000 professionals and students join to compete in the areas of hair, makeup, nail art and skin care. You can enjoy the beauty shows where native and foreign experts boast their skills.

Academic Conference: Five international conferences including ISO/TC 217 Working Group Conference and nine local conferences are scheduled during the Expo period. The academic conferences, with more than 300 experts in cosmetics and beauty invited from 20 countries, will boost the Expo’s international status.


cs6Experience Area – Healing Therapy Pavilion: The main culprit of  rough skin, wrinkles and blemishes is stress! You can experience healing beauty with phytoncide from the pine tree forest, music, massage, light and dark, and water.

Beauty Experience Pavilion: A total of 13 booths provide opportunities of experiencing color makeup, nail art, tattoos and hair styling. You can directly consult professionals about your skin, scalp and hair style. Also, there is space for children’s beauty experience as well as for job experience to become a cosmetics developer, a makeup artist, a hair designer, and the like.
Korea Culture Pavilion: This place introduces the beauty of Korea created by the 5,000-year-old Korean civilization and culture. You can understand the underlying power of Korea, which has grown to a nation of K-Pop, K-Beauty and advanced IT, through its traditional housing, daily life tools, nature and ancestors’ way of living.
World Dolls Pavilion: About 600 dolls wearing 90 nations’ traditional clothes are exhibited, showing each nation’s unique beauty well. Song Gi-min, the former president of the Jeungpyeong Culture Center, collected those dolls while travelling all over the world, and gladly lend them for the Expo.

Communication Area – Outside the Expo are a large flower garden and a poppy garden, and inside the Expo is a British garden. There are one main restaurant, two cafeterias, snack bars and beverage stands. Lunch box carriers can have lunch under the canopies. In the main stage hall, you can enjoy the theme performances as well as the opening and closing ceremonies.

If you want to visit the website of 2013 Cosmetics & Beauty Expo, Osong Korea,

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Edible Collagen

Bio-Polytech - Edible CollagenThe quest for flawless skin and beauty has also spurred the growth of the new market for ‘inner beauty’ products in Korea. Simply put, inner beauty products refer to dietary supplements, jellies and drinks promising to help rejuvenate skin.

Released by Bio Polytech, Collagen Vita is an edible collagen formulated to prevent the skin damage and aging, satisfying the women’s desire to keep them as beautiful and young as they possibly can. Being absorbed into the skin through ingestion, Collagen Vita’s efficacy is much faster and stronger when people put them on the skin topically.

Its main ingredients are marine collagen using completely scales of fishes; dietary fiber of chicory; Vitamin C and Xylitol.

These ingredients provide the following benefits:

  • Fish (marine collagen): minimize molecular weight and improve digestion and absorption force
  • Preventing skin damage and aging skin
  • Dietary fiber of chicory: decrease serum cholesterol and neutral fats
  • Vitamin C: effect of antioxidants and wound healing
  • Xylitol: preventing caries and keeping refreshment in the mouth


• Bio Polytech Co., Ltd.
327-16 Oksu-ri Buki-myun Cheongwon-gun Chungcheongbuk-do Korea
Tel: (82-43)212-9144
Fax: (82-43)215-9143

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Beauty Care Items Boost Korea’s International Profile at Upcoming Cosmoprof Bologna

International Profile at Upcoming
South Korea’s cosmetics companies are intensifying their efforts to make further inroads into the global market. With this goal in mind, Cosmoprof Bologna is considered one of the significant international trade fairs for the beauty care and cosmetics industry for Korea in terms of the number of participants and the market potential of the European countries.

Established in 1967, the Bologna Cosmoprof has become one of the world’s most significant beauty care fairs, with a full range of beauty-care items on display.

Beauty care items

Marking its 45th anniversary this year, Cosmoprof 2012 will be held at Bologna Fiere in Italy from March 9 to 12, 2012, attracting an estimated 2,300 exhibitors and about 200,000 visitors from all around the world.

Korea’s cosmetics and beauty care items has constantly upgraded its competence by combining quality, innovation, pricecompetitiveness,and design. Their makers will take the opportunity to expand their overseas markets by participating in the industry’s most prestigious trade event, Cosmoprof Bologna 2012.

Beauty care items

Korean companies, which joined Bologna Cosmoprof starting in 2003 under the auspices of KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), will take keen advantage of it in order to expand their presence in the international market.

Here are some Korean companies that will participate in the Italian fair. They are going to show diverse, high-quality products to international buyers in such categories as cosmetics, hair-care and beauty-care. | Blog Magazine of Korean Products, brands, and goods