Cooked Vegetable Products

Korean Cooked Vegetables

Korean Cooked Vegetables

Agriculture Company Namul SaRang is engaged in farming with farmers to produce fresh, tincture, live, windblown, wormwood, rape and other products produced in spring. We are introducing herbs and herbs that are well-being foods to the world.
Blanched Shepherd’s Purse is produced by cleaning and freezing shepherd’ s purse harvested in February in a hygienic workshop. It can be thawed and enjoyed for miso soup to experience the unique flavor and taste of shepherd’s purse.
Blanched Aster is produced by cleaning and freezing aster harvested from April to June in a sanitary

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Seaweed Farm in Korea DAINGT Co., Ltd. has been exporting Korean seaweed laver since its founding in 2018. Placing our priorities on...

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