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Volcanic Water Cosmetics

[INQ. NO. 1910C1] Coxir, containing the value of nature, is a brand created based on three keywords: Goodness, Simplicity and Trendy ‒ meaning simple and trendy design. It makes the skin healthy and balanced by selecting raw materials less irritating…

Cosmetics & Household Products

GS Chem Co., Ltd. is Korea’s No. 1 aerosol manufacturer equipped over 42 years accumulated expertise and development capability from development of raw solutions to charging. Since the establishment of a technological research institute in 2006, GS Chem has grown…

New-Concept Anti-Aging Cosmetics

MiracleTox is a home skincare program to rejuvenate the skin’s natural vitality as the Micro-Spear® ingredient stimulates the skin while providing rich and nutritious energy to the skin. This anti-aging home skincare cosmetic helps strengthen the skin

Simple & Creative Accessory

Ordinary Woman, an accessory brand of Lubety Inc., consists of fun and creative everyday accessories to satisfy the women’s everyday needs.
Made with the slogan “I need a cosmetic sample lid!” Ordinary Woman Sample Clip can be used to seal the

High-Quality Skincare Products

D:MINE, a skincare brand produced by Gwangmok Co., Ltd., was first created in 2016 through the relentless passion of the company’s bio-researchers and their expertise in seeking optimal skin conditions for those concerned about their skin. D:MINE is a naturalistic bio-medical skincare brand that focuses on the naturalism of nature

Specially-Formulated Cleanser

KPT Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 based on ‘Retinol Stabilization Research’ applying the drug manufacturing technology to cosmetic materials. In 2012, it developed dropping technology and applied it to the cosmetics industry for the first time in the world.
In addition, KPT immobilized cosmetic formulations to provide visual and functional aspects, thereby enhancing marketing strategies that can meet diverse customer needs. The company is

Gel-Type Eye Patches

Gel-Type Eye Patches [INQ. NO. 1803C39] L2L Global is a cosmetics distributor established in 2016 and has been exporting cosmetics that are recognized worldwide. In cooperation with Japan LS Corporation, L2L Global took part in the planning of the high-functional…

Skincare Essence

Skincare Essence [INQ. NO. 1803C29] BEST SOLUTION Co., Ltd. is a ‘Total Beauty Solution’ company providing all the services from Formulations R&D, to packaging, designing and document support for all kinds of cosmetics for skincare, color cosmetics, and masks via…

Sheet Mask for Skincare

Sheet Mask for Skincare [INQ. NO. 1803C28] Babawawa Factory Co., Ltd. produces its global brand Dr.Lola with a unique and differentiated character design. Dr. Lola is exported to China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia and is distributed to retail chains…

Premium Functional Cosmetics

Premium Functional Cosmetics [INQ. NO. 1803C43] Huway Inc., a cosmetics company, produces only safe and honest cosmetics for the skin with carefully selected ingredients. Since the first year of its foundation, the company’s efforts have led to exports to countries…

Functional Skincare Product

Functional Skincare Product [INQ. NO. 1803C03] Kukje Pharma. Co., Ltd. was established in 1959 under the motto, “Respect for life principles and customer-first principle to enhance people’s healthy and happy life.” One of the company’s major achievements is its outstanding…

Personal Care & Makeup Products

Personal Care & Makeup Products [INQ. NO. 1802C26] Riju World International Co. offers a variety of brands to serve various retail beauty chains and distributing channels. The company has been working on Korean cosmetics for ten years developing new and…

Nutritious Skin Care Products

Nutritious Skin Care Products [INQ. NO. 1802C25] Noksibcho Corporation, a holding company of five affiliated companies, is one of Korea’s largest healthcare companies with offices or representatives in all major cities and towns in the country. Having started with dietary…

Trendy Makeup Products

Celebeau is a makeup and cosmetics brand that is well-known for having Lee Jong Suk, a famous actor in Korea, as its model. Celebeau seeks to redefine the concept of beauty by applying celebrities’ beauty know-how to provide a trendy makeup look.