Natural Aromatherapy Cosmetics

Aroma Yong’s three aromatherapy masks give a feeling of experiencing a spa therapy as the blended natural aroma captivates the senses from the moment the product pouch is opened. In addition, the aroma oils and other ingredients deeply absorbed into the

Premium Mask Pack

JEJUWOODA 7 Days Mask is a 7-day intensive care program designed to make the skin clear and transparent, using seven raw essences from Jeju.
It consists of seven sheets and contains horse oil, cactus, pearl, Sasa quelpaertensis, Hallabong tangerine, and Camellia,
JEJUWOODA Co., Ltd. is a cosmetics manufacturer that produces products using raw materials from

Natural Tangerine Cosmetics

The special tangerines produced on Jeju are the result of the island’s volcanic soil, natural mineral water, and clean air. Tangerine is a natural health food containing various vitamins, proteins, and minerals. In particular, tangerine peel contains four times more vitamin C

Natural Horse Oil Cream

Horse oil is a pure natural nutrition cream made by extracting horse oil and purifying it through a long-term aging process. It contains the most abundant (60% or more) unsaturated fatty acids compared with other animal oils and is very similar to the fatty acids constituting the human skin, thus being absorbed

Mask Pack & Ampoule

Aquvo Ampoule Addition Mask 900 is equipped with a separate ampoule, attached to the facial mask. It contains 25 types of nature-derived nutrients, plus each specifically-purposed ingredients on the mask sheet in order to get better effects for the skin.
Unlike other facial masks containing

Liquid Foundation & Serum

One Drop Miracle Air Tint Foundation features a weightless, and ultrafine fit texture to offer natural makeup all day through. Providing a feeling as if nothing is on the face, it has a long-lasting effect and gives a flawless look to the skin. It also restores dull skin tone and keeps the skin bright and shiny with the sheer matte finish.
One Drop Miracle Air Tint Foundation won the

Personal Care Products

Bubi Bubi Lip is an ungraded version of old physical exfoliations that softly uses bubbles to scrub the lips. Achieving the highest market share in Korea, this product has been launched at Tokyu Hands, Loft Japan, Urban Outfitters USA, and Watson’s

Home Beauty-Care Device

Dione Plus is a skin care device developed for women of all ages. By using the latest galvanic ion and ultrasound technique, Dione Plus ensures a clear and transparent skin when used daily. This product is developed with cutting-edge technology such as complex ionization by passing a four-week clinical test for antiwrinkle

Hair Care Products

CINDY PARK shampoo smoothly removes the sebum blocking the pores. Using a special technique to prevent clogging of the pores.
Initially developed for domestic sales, CINDY PARK has been expanded into an international brand for

Skin Relief Products

Commleaf has been certified as safe and clean cosmetics by avoiding the use of 20 kinds of harmful substances and by using EWG Green grade raw materials. Its BioDTox ingredient protects the skin from contaminants and helps to calm the skin with centilla extract, green tea, and chamomile

Lime Juice Cosmetics

Made from lime extract, macadamia nut oil, and other herbal extracts, THE SKIN HAIR SOAP is anti-hair loss soap. It first cleanses the scalp and pores, and then gives nutrition to the hair and pores to make hair stronger and thicker. THE SKIN

Medical Devices

CO2 Mask Pack is a product using CO2 that shrinks and brightens the skin and has a good effect on facial beauty. CO2 GEL Mask consists of gel and mask, which are combined to produce CO2 that is quickly and effectively absorbed into the skin and boosts skin metabolism by increasing O2 supply necessary for cellular metabolism.
Peeling Swab is a disposable cotton swab with liquid peeling agent. It is a new-concept

Facial Cleanser & Toner

Steam Melon Gentle Wash contains 4.5% cantaloupe melon water extracted by a natural steam evaporation method using not chemical but eco-friendly substances so that skin is not dry but still moist after the face is washed. This product