Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Dishcloth and Eco Apro Eco-Friendly Face Towel have excellent deodorizing and natural antimicrobial power, suppressing the propagation of germs. They can be kept clean just by washing with water, without detergent. These environmental label certified products obtained

Assez Natural Phyton-herbal dishwasher is a biodegradable dishwashing detergent that works great for hand washing of dishes since it is mild to the human skin and leaves no harmful materials and unpleasant scents behind. It removes greasy oil from dishes with a satisfactory foam volume and makes dishes

Founded in 2007, BOSOKOREA Inc. is a specialized manufacturer of outdoor wine glasses and exports its products to the USA, Germany, Denmark, the UK, Japan, and Taiwan.
BOSO Outdoor Wine Glass is an eco-friendly, new-concept wine glass that has been developed to overcome the disadvantages of