Eco-Friendly Recycled Paper Pencils

[Serial No. 2012-B-008] Good Feel Korea’s eco-friendly recycled paper pencils break the norm of felling trees to produce and, rather, utilize waste papers. The recycled paper pencils assists in preserving the world’s trees and help prevent excessive logging which ultimately leads to frequent droughts. In addition, for the health of users, Good Feel Korea’s product do not use any paint or bonding agents, but rather, uses glue creating a safer product while maintaining a smooth grip which feature sweat absorption properties and provides a firmer grip. Innovative ideas driven from its eco-eriendly concept have made the products a unique and superior, compared to other stationery products. The lead we use in the products are thicker which prolongs usage of the products. In particular, the Zebra Paper Pencils are unique in that they feature a colorful patented design, present even though it’s sharpened until the very end. The products only use non-toxic materials harmless to the human body and promote an Eco-Friendly life style for all. Good Feel Korea currently provides rulers and erasers made from biodegradable corn-starch, notebooks and notepads made from recycled paper, while continuing its efforts to make all stationery products more environmentally conscious.


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Energy Saving Oil-Free Air Compressor

Energy Saving Oil-Free Air Compressor

The technology of HAu-1400, the water-lubrication, oil-free air compressor, enable the product to be eco-friendly, energy-saving, and to be operated economically. The product does not require oil exchange and disposal of waste oil. HAu-1400 adopts PLC and touch screen system to enable real-time operational control. The discharge pressure reaches 7kgf/cm2, and free air delivery is performed at 13m2/min. Through single screw system, HAu-1400 guarantee high-efficiency, low-vibration and silent operation. The air-cooling type models use 15kW~75kW inverter starters, and the water-cooling type use 55kW~220kW inverter starters. HAi-14000 oil-free air compressors are also classified as air-cooling and water-cooling types. As an artificial intelligence type, they employ high-performance inverter control and consume 37% less power than the ordinary models. Hankuk Airro Co. specialized in the field of air compressors and air conditioning systems for 30 years, and is not one of the leading suppliers in this field. The company manage the affiliated R&D Center to develop and supply innovative products to the domestic and international market. Hankuk Airro Co. had been designated as “INNO-BIZ” company by the Korean government, and participated in more than 20 government projects through the innovative technologies and products.


The company acquired several certifications, including the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certifications, and also the international standard of CE mark and the NET mark for the oil-free air compressor and the oil-less air system. Currently, 7 patents are possessed by the company for its products. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Innovative Air Compression Systems to Grab Int’l Attention

Oil Free Air Compressor

Hankuk Airro Co.’s “HAu-14000” water-lubrication oil free air compressor does not require oil exchange and disposal of waste oil. So, the model ensures eco-friendly, energy-saving and economical operation. Adopting PLC and touch screen system, it permits real-time operational control. Its discharge pressure reaches 7kgf/cm2. The free air delivery is performed at 13m2/min. Employing a single screw system, the model guarantees high-efficiency, low-vibration and silent operation. Air-cooling type models use 15kW~75kW inverter starters, while water-cooling type ones employ 55kW~220kW inverter starters. The company’s “HAi-14000” oil free air compressors are also classified as air-cooling and water-cooling types. An artificial intelligence type, they employ high-performance inverter control and consume 37% less power than ordinary models.


Oil Less Air System

“OLA Series” oil less air systems from Hankuk Airro Co. produce clean oil-free compressed air meeting ISO-8573-1 regulations. Adopting touch screen system, they ensure easy set-up. Widely applicable for metal working, plastic resin processing, chemistry, industrial gas, fiber, semiconductor, pneumatic, food and drink fields, they come with a wide range of air flow at 7 bar from 1 to 50Nm3/min.


More Details

  • Brand : HAi, HAu(Oil Free Air Compressor) / OLA(Oil Less Air System)
  • Place of orgin : Made in Korea

About Company

  • Over the past three decades, Hankuk Airro Co. has constantly grown into one of the leading domestic suppliers in the field of air compressors and air conditioning systems.


Technology / Certificate & Patent

  • Designated as an “INNO-BIZ” company by the Korean government, Hankuk Airro Co. has its own research center and has marketed innovative products both at home and abroad. Until now, it has joined the 20 or more governmental projects.
  • With ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, Hankuk Airro Co. has acquired CE marks for its oil free air compressors and NET (New Excellent Technology) mark for its oil less air systems from the Korean government. At present, it possesses seven patented technologies for its products.

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Hand-made Small Design Items

1406C11[INQ. NO. 1406C11] NAVINEULKKOT is a handmade artwork shop, located in Jeonju Hanok Village where there are about 700 traditional Korean houses and artwork shops and visitors can experience living inside a hanok. Artists who belong to NAVINEULKKOT are experts on Oriental paintings, and continue to do artistic work using wood, fabric and hanji (traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees) to share their skills and talents with the public.

The main items are unique and creative household goods made using wood, fabric and hanji, and are given an Oriental touch by featuring artwork using Chinese ink and traditional Korean art paints.

The main products from NAVINEULKKOT include pencil vases, desktop mirrors, business card holders, wine storage boxes, accessory boxes, small-sized home furniture, frames and passport cases. Each of these products is made by hand using eco-friendly materials at prices people can afford. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Non-motorized Rechargeable Generators

Non-motorized Rechargeable Generators[INQ. NO. 1404C46] ECOGS was launched in 2014 to provide high-quality nonmotorized rechargeable generators both in Korea and international markets.

The non-motorized rechargeable generators recharge from renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power instead of fossil fuels, or household electricity and manual power generation.

They can be highly useful when conducting relief work in the regions hardhit by natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis where electric power is
not available.

In addition, they can improve quality of life in poor countries by providing stable electricity supply. There are a wide range models suitable for different needs and applications.

Efficiency: Its own generator/ Charging of the other batteries/ three times speedier than the average charger
Safety: Built on Deep Cycle Battery/ No fuel, No risk of explosion / Built on a variety of safety devices for users
Convenience: Input and Output can be used at same time / it is possible to charge in the car while driving by cigar jack
Eco-friendly: Charging through the natural energy (Solar, Wind, Hand)/ No fossil fuels, No toxic emissions | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Eco-friendly and highly functional Baby Goods Catches On in Korea

Free from pesticide and harvested without the use of harmful defoliant chemicals, organic cotton fiber is considered safe for human beings and the environment alike, being broadly used to make fashion items targeting high-end market.

Particularly, baby apparel and items made by using organic cotton have recently grown in popularity in Korea. The industry sources say that despite relatively high price, the sales of organic baby goods have steadily increased. To capitalize on the trend, leading makers of children clothes have come up with diverse organic cotton baby items, including baby apparels, bedding, bath towels, diapers, car seats and even strollers.

For instance, Home Care currently offers array of eco-friendly products for baby, kid and home with materials like natural corn, rice coconut, hinoki and nano-sulfur, and wants to expand its market base abroad.

In addition, many other companies from baby and kids products are eager to pening overseas markets and strengthening their market expansion abroad.

Aiming to promote these products to buyers and marketers around the world, Korea’s Buyers Guide describes the following companies.


▶Furniture for Kids
▶Baby Pillow
▶Eco-friendly Baby Products
▶Educational Magnet Block Toys
▶Premium Wet Tissue
▶Paper Mobile
▶Urethane Foam Gymnastic Toys
▶Education Programs
▶3-D Magnetic Construction Toy
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Venture Office System Furniture

Livart[INQ. NO. 1401C04] Established in 1977, Livart Furniture Co., Ltd. has grown to become a leader in the Korean furniture business industry with ceaseless efforts in developing new products. On the basis of its top-level technological strength, highest quality standards (ISO9001, ISO14001) and constant equipment investments, the company offers a complete line of integrated furniture for offices, schools, training institutes and hospitals.

Livart is well aware that building neatly arranged office desks and items in working spaces can be one of the most cost-effective ways of improving people’s level of concentration and productivity.The company’s relentless efforts for providing a creative solution for better office environment have yielded new modular office furniture “GEN 100.”

Featuring the RTA system, free layout and light color, GEN 100 is an office furniture collection that ensures effective workspaces for small or venture offices. The work station consists of a storage unit, a desk and screen partitions. The storage unit consists of a storage cabinet with three drawers and an additional storage space in the back to maximize storage.

The flap door of the upper cabinet is designed to enhance accessibility and convenience. The desk’s rounded edges highlight safety and elegance and features built-in cable management in the front. The legs of the desk are made with special pipes, which are curved for added strength. The screen partitions are embossed making it possible to attach post-it-notes.

The GEN 100 will allow you to easily design your working space to fit your special needs just by relocating each element and accessory. It also provides ample storage options for paperwork and personal items with all-in-one draw and side box, partition-blocking type storage and draw box. As environmental protection has become a catchphrase defining the latest market trends, LIVART has used materials and components that meet global environmental standards and grades. One of the main materials, PB (particle board) is an eco-friendly material that belongs to E1 class. And other steel and zinc die casting structure are all recyclable.

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Recycled Paper Colored Pencils

rpcp1[INQ. NO. 1304C21] Good Feel Korea was established in 1977 to provide office products. The company has 30-year history of supplying high-quality stationery products with 19 patents, the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certificate, Green Mark, ISA 9001, 14001.

Currently, the company provides a wide range of eco-friendly recycled paper colored pencils, notebooks, and other eco-friendly stationery.

Its latest Zebra Colored Paper Pencils are made from recycled papers and the paper body absorbs sweat, thus causing less slippage when people use them. They feature a unique zebra design at the tip of the pencil that lasts until the very end. These colored pencils come seven different pastel colors. It features high-quality lead for a smooth writing experience. Paper pencils are softer than wooden pencils and much easier to sharpen.

This Paper pencils do not contain chemical agents harmful to humans and they also provide a great writing feeling compared with wooden pencils. The pencil bodies can be custom-printed with your logo or message and it is excellent as corporate gifts and giveaways.

In addition, the company provides notebooks, sketch books, post-its, and notepads, which are made from recycled papers as well as natural oil-based crayons.

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Body Care Products – SOL BIO-TECH

Caresol Shampoo - Sol-BiotecToday’s consumers are smart, and companies know it. In order to compete, they need to be smarter; being smart at consumer markets means giving what they want. So they need to outsmart them by studying transient market trends. The latest one has something to do with being eco-friendly and organic. Such products truly flood the market, and we see all organic food items on a shelf. Korea’s SOL BIO-TEC is putting out their smart bio- items on it.

Established in 2009, SOL BIO-TECH, a bio material provider, has successfully applied their human-friendly materials to the food and cosmetic industry. The adaptation result is remarkably noticeable under the brand name “Solmeet,” bio-food and cosmetic lineup. SOL BIO-TEC’s functional bio products are toothpastes, toothbrushes, soaps, atopy-creams, shampoos, etc., and these products are constantly being sought after by overseas buyers from China, Japan, and more.

Effective for atopy problems , SOL BIO-TECH’s Caresol Hair & Bath generates soft bubbles that can cleanse by extracting dust and pollutants from your hair and skin. It also is excellent at keeping the skin moisturized and prevents oxidation. The main ingredients are Betaine and vitamin-B3. Caresol is for your healthy and beautiful skin. Hanaro is the company’s pearl-coated and portable tooth brush with musical timer for brushing, self-sterilization, replaceable toothbrush hair (general, soft, strong hair, and so on).


Solmeet Toothpaste - Sol-BiotecSOL BIO-TECH offers solmeet toothpaste products for your dental health. Approved by USA FDA OTA DRUG, its resin (pine resin)-based toothpaste fight bacilli multiplication, toxins, teethridge diseases, etc. Its whitening effect is exceptional with solmeet powder. You can find more information at

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Eco-friendly Tablet-type Detergent

Eco-friendly Tablet-type Detergent - F&B SERVICEF&B SERVICE is the manufacturer of eco- and bio- friendly detergent “Protect the Earth” that was developed to reduce environmental pollution with overuse of the traditional detergents in cooperation with a university’s department of pharmaceutical manufacturing and a pharmaceutical company.

Protect the Earth is the first in its kind in the world. The tablet type detergent is very portable and 98% of its content is extracted from plants. In addition, people can use Protect the Earth for all purposes. It can be used to clean kitchen utensils, dishwashers, coffee machines and various goods for babies. In addition, it is safe to use it for cleaning vegetables, fruits, and kitchenware.

Unlike the existing products, it naturally dissolves even in ice water and there are no floating matters. This eco-friendly detergent doesn’t create many bubbles, creating little damage to the environment. It has excellent ability to discompose butterfat and protein. The detergent also has the ability to improve the water quality.

The main ingredients are botanical extracts such as rice-bran, bean, green-tea, tangerine-peel, halabong, kelp, sun-dried salt and natural lemon fragrance. The company registered a patent application in Korea and the international patent application is pending for this new detergent.



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