EXCO – Major Exhibitions in 2015


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EXCO – Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center

EXCO, Growing by Leaps and Bounds as
Asia’s Major Exhibition & Convention Center

Successfully attracting key international events such as the World Gas Conference (WGC) and the World Water Forum, etc.

EXCO is emerging as one of Asia’s major exhibition and convention centers through the successful attraction and holding of various large-scale international conferences. Following the successful hosting of the 2013 World Energy Congress, the 2015 World Water Forum and the 2021 World Gas Conference are due to take place at EXCO in Daegu.

Starting with the 2015 World Water Forum, international conferences and large-scale events in a variety of fields will take place in EXCO. In this regard, the year 2015 will be very meaningful for EXCO since its facilities were expanded in 2011. Moreover, the upgraded service from remodeling works made ahead of the upcoming show is expected to give another impetus to EXCO’s attraction of various events later on.

World Water Forum Due to Open in April

Slated to be held from April 12 through 17 at EXCO in Daegu, the 2015 World Water Forum consisting of three sections – Political Process; Thematic Process; and Regional Process – is one of the largest waterrelated events in the world with the participation of myriad government officials, politicians and local government heads from over 150 countries. At this comprehensive gathering, more than 100 conferences by theme will be presented under public & private sectors and academia-industrial cooperation.

EXCO During the international conferences, EXCO as a PEO (professional exhibition organizer) will be showcasing the World Water Forum exhibition, which will provide insights into the global water industry of today and the future at a glance. The show will involve more than 250 exhibitors with 900-booths from national delegations, international organizations, global water suppliers and industry experts.

The exhibition venue features large scale national pavilions from 20 countries such as Brazil, Japan, the USA, Netherlands, France, China, Taiwan, Denmark and Switzerland as well as global companies such as SUEZ, Masdar, K-water, POSCO Engineering & Construction, and Toray Chemical. Among the exhibitors are also water-related domestic and international organizations such as UNESCO-IHP, KOICA, IWA, the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI) and the Center for Eco-Smart Waterworks Systems.


Concentrating on nurturing its four main fairs into globally recognized events

EXCO works intensively to nurture the International Green Energy Expo, Daegu Int`l Machinery Industry Expo 2014), IT Convergence Expo Korea and International Fire & Safety EXPO KOREA) among its diversity of trade shows. One of the most representative industrial exhibitions of EXCO, the International Green Energy Expo, will take place from April 1 to 3. The Korea’s top and Asia’s no. 3 green energy expo is also the world’s 10th leading international trade show with approximately 40% of the represented exhibitors from abroad. Overseas exhibitors from Europe, the USA, China and Japan will present the latest renewable energy technologies. Especially, the Netherlands and Germany will host their own national pavilions.

The upcoming expo will feature solar energy generation, wind power, hydrogen energy, harvesting systems, smart grid and even convergence technology of renewable energy systems and the harvesting system, one of the hottest trends in the green energy industry.

EXCO-2 International Fire & Safety Expo Korea, the only one of its kind in Korea, will be held for a three-day run from May 13 through 15 at EXCO. In that it is the first show after the Ministry of Public Safety and Security was newly launched as the national disaster management control tower in 2014, the upcoming show is anticipated to establish itself as the largest event of its kind in Asia. In particular, this year’s edition features the 8th Asia Fire Protection Inspection Council (AFIC) with fire protection inspection agencies from 10 Asian nations, which is expected to help Korea’s fire protection industry to penetrate other Asian markets.

The scale of IT Convergence Expo Korea has been getting larger every year with the involvement 3D printer and IoT sectors. Co-hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and co organized by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA), which is participating for the first time this year, the IT Convergence Expo Korea 2015 will see much more active participation of nationwide IT promotion agencies than any previous shows. This year’s show will feature a trend pavilion for 3D printers and IoT Big Data sectors with diversified exhibition areas.

Held concurrently with the International Meeting on Information Display (IMID) since 2012, the expo is going to feature a display components & materials pavilion in the 2015 edition for the first time.

EXCO plans to set up the upcoming show as the information exchange and marketing platform for nurturing globally competitive enterprises through connection with the Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center that was launched in 2014. Major international conferences are due to take place at EXCO; the 12th Asia-Pacific Congress of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgery (ELSA 2015), Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (APCM-ISPD) in September and the Competitiveness Institute (TCI 2015) and International Solar Energy Society (ISES) in November.

Korea’s leading trade fairs such as Korea International Livestock Expo 2015 (2015 KISTOCK), which was held in EXCO in 2013, the home • table deco fair and Kyunghyang Housing Fair (KH FAIR) with larger scale are also scheduled to take place in EXCO this year. EXCO has also attracted a large-scale international IT event that will be held in August.

Facilities upgrade completed to Host world’s renowned events

In preparation for the upcoming World Water Forum, EXCO renovated the third floor exhibition hall into a grand ballroom. This excellent space is dedicated to accommodating international conferences and conventions, along with the International Conference Zone of EXCO’s newly added building.

Park Chong-man, president and CEO of EXCO, said. “Following the successful hosting of the 2013 World Energy Congress, EXCO has continuously made inspiring accomplishments by attracting major international events such as the 2015 World Water Forum and the 2021 World Gas Conference. This will provide EXCO a key momentum to attract world renowned international exhibition and conventions and grow into a globally recognized convention center.”

In 2014, EXCO successfully handled a total of 958 exhibitions and conventions, including 59 trade fairs, 34 business meetings, 22 academic conferences and 809 general conferences. To ensure successful handling the 2021 World Gas Conference, EXCO plans to make an additional expansion. With this as a momentum, EXCO is drawing up a short- and long-term project for additionally attracting the MICE facilities.


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