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Makeup Tools

[INQ. NO. 2009C34] MustaeV is a professional cosmetics brand launched with the make-up artists of Hallyu (Korean Wave) stars in Cheongdam-dong, the center of K-beauty, in 2009. All items of MustaeV are researched and developed through strenuous efforts of the…

Skincare & Makeup Products

[INQ. NO. 2006C34] HANACOS Co., Ltd. started in 2002 with the aim to develop products that give dreams and hopes to humankind.Consisting of the Skin Care and the Make-up departments, HANACOS R&D Center has researchers who are working day and…

Medical Supplies and Cosmetics

HP&C Ltd. was established as a medical supplies and cosmetics distributor in 1993 and took a leap forward as a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies, quasi-drugs, and cosmetics after building a factory in accordance with CGMP, KGMP, and ISO 22716 standards.
THELAVICOS Enzyme Washing Powder is a mild powder-type cleansing product

Premium Skincare Brands

STYLEKOREAN exports K-Beauty products worldwide based on its global sales and marketing business model that combines B2C online, B2B wholesale and startup business incubation, playing a pioneering role with 120 K-beauty brands and about 9000 SKUs.
Pyunkang Yul is a well-known skincare brand with well-aged therapies for sensitive, troublesome skin, atopy and skin aging.
Heimish is a stylish makeup brand with friendly charm,

Spa & Esthetician formula

“Youth-restoring ingredients reinforce skin’s natural moisture barrier. Keep your skin soft and smooth all day long!” Spa & Esthetician formula Based on over 25 years of professional expertise, master estheticians and top skincare specialists have formulated the ultimate skin healing…

Color Makeup

  Since blemish balm cream, also known as BB cream, was unveiled as a brand-new make-up for Korea’s female consumers a decade ago, its popularity is growing year by year. The zeal for the BB cream from Korean cosmetics is…