Moisturizing Cream & Body Wash

Miracle Ato Moisture Cream is a special cream offering sufficient moisture and nutrients to all skin types. Especially due to using the herbal hydrosol, it protects sensitive and extremely dry skin as well as keeps the skin moist and smooth.

Moisturizing-Cream-&-Body-Wash Miracle Ato Moisture Body Wash is a refreshing, gentle body cleanser with Opuntia FIcus-Indica Extract Water and natural aroma oil extracted from Rosemary Leaf, Lavender, Lemon Peel. Its excellency is the immediate improvement of itchy skin symptom that is perfect for those suffering from this symptom.

Hydrosol extract process is a high-tech advanced way of extracting natural herbs exceeding the original way for aroma essential oil in purity and efficacy. It produces floral water including highly effective ingredients and rarely raising skin irritation.

The extracted flower water makes the skin moist and lustrous for a long time by balancing the pH3~4, roughly similar with the skin.

Different from other products, which are made of the 70% of purified water base, the entire products from Dr. Ha Skin Lab are made of 99% of floral water base, and this is our own excellence in technology. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Cosmeceutical Brand “Dr. Nu:ell”

[INQ. NO. 1504C37] Skin reproduction research company, Apharm has been trying to put its best effort into helping the health improvement and beauty of customers by providing safe and qualified products at reasonable prices. It assists not only the normal customers but also the customers who need professional care, such as pregnant women, infants, patients with skin disease, along with the medical science, not just general cosmetics. Its representative cosmeceutical brand, Dr. Nu:ell features a lotion, a toner, a moisturizing cream, an ample, an essence, a BB cream, a bubble cleanser, a sun block and a mask pack.


Dr.-Nuell Dr. Nu:ell Water Full Moisturizing Cream: Double moistening function with sodium hyaluronate with the moisture abruption and squalane, which prevents the evaporation of moisture, makes skin moistened for a long time without tightness. Irritation tests and 24-hour moisture maintenance tests have been completed.

Dr. Nu:ell Vanishing BB Cream banishes skin problems, including blemishes, stretched pores, dull skin tone, etc. The skin can be protected with three functions – make-up function, wrinkle care & whitening and blocking ultraviolet rays. Nonirritant test is completed. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Natural Skin Care Items : GMDANSU

201309w_Soriso makes natural skin care products. Korea’s oriental medicine is behind them. And its brand “Gmdansu” is full of EGCG (Epigallocatech Gallate).

This ingredient, rich in green tea, can energize your skin. It is also known to be anti-aging and anti-allergic. The company is looking to develop essential oil products and different skin care items for various skin types.

Skin is, in fact, multi-layered. For those who suffer from itchy and dry skin, Soriso recommends Saponin RG1.

This moisturizing cream can take care of both your aging and damaged skin inside out. One of its elements, red ginseng, helps your skin recover fast and shows excellent anti-aging effect.

Are you worried because of your sensitive skin ? Listen up, here comes Soriso’s Gmdansu. This special skin lotion well sooths the skin by effectively keeping your skin balanced (ph levels) and moisturized. In addition, aroma essential oil elements make your skin healthy. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods