Najeon Chilgi (Lacquer Ware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl) Items

Gakyung Art Co., Ltd.[INQ. NO. 1401C28] Najeon Cjilgi, the wooden lacquer ware inlaid with mother-of-pearl is a valuable cultural asset of Korea. The art of Najeon Chilgi is used to make items from jewelry boxes to chests, dressers and desks.

The two main materials used in making Najeon Chilgi are the lacquer coating and mother-of-pearl. Korean mother-of-pearl is made from the shining, unchanged beauty of pearl oyster or abalone. Traditional technique is a complicated and painstaking process consisting of more than 20 steps. It takes 3~6 months to complete a product.

Gakyung Art Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in producing the Korean Traditional Najeon Chilgi. By the modernization of the traditional production technique, Gakyung Art has concentrated on production of Najeon Chilgi crafts as a daily necessity and is a leading company devoted to introducing Korean traditional culture to the world through succeeding tradition and development. Its main products include business card cases, cellular straps, business card cases, key rings, jewelry boxes, hand mirrors, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Korean Mother of Pearl

Korean Mother of PearlHue International Ltd is a company based in Seoul, South Korea, specializing in wooden furniture and interior accessories carefully handcrafted, using high-quality mother of pearl.

The company launched a brand NARI in an ambitious plan to introduce a quality design and craftsmanship of mother of pearl to the international market.
The company also produces custom made pieces in order to meet the varied tastes and requirements of customers worldwide.

The company has also established another brand, MP Case presenting a range of mother of pearl smartphone covers and accessories.
Each piece of the MP Case cover is carefully inlaid with natural mother of pearl in distinctive designs.

Mother of pearl products are highly acknowledged handcrafted products in Korea that were used by the Royal Family and high society members in the past. It was also offered as a gift to royalties and important diplomats of foreign countries.


MP Case presentingThe handcrafting process of mother of pearl still involves traditional techniques that have been inherited for generations. A mother of pearl is inlaid on dry, high-quality wood and lacquered in layers. This lacquering process known in Korea as ‘Oht-chil’ provides durability and protection against the natural elements to the mother of pearl products. This is how the products from Hue International maintain their original splendor for years.

Layers of mother of pearl from various shells are carefully embossed on the lacquered surface of the wood to create splendid patterns and landscapes. The final process of polishing accentuates the distinctive colors of the mother of pearl decoration.




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