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Natural Liquid Soap

Hwa Myung Bio began as an importer and distributor of raw materials for cosmetics in 2004 and has ever since been devoted to R&D on cosmetic materials and finished cosmetic product formulations. The company’s major business includes import and distribution of cosmetics raw materials, development of

Oral Cleaning Medicine Powder

Oral Cleaning Medicine Powder [INQ. NO. 1802C35] Barun Co., Ltd. researches and develops products that are beneficial to the human body by utilizing extracted and processed materials from nature instead of chemical ingredients. Cleaning Time is an oral cleaning powder…

Traditional Korean Healthy Food

Traditional Korean Healthy Food [INQ. NO. 1802C03] Founded in 2013, HEPY develops and produces Korean traditional foods that are healthy and safe by using natural ingredients. Oriental medicine experts in Korea are engaged in R&D under the motto “Healthy &…