Natural Bubble Bath & Various Bath Products[INQ. NO. 1708C09] MISSPLUS manufactures various bubble soaps, cosmetics, soy candles, diffusers, car perfumes, shampoos, and so forth.
MissPlus Cloud Bath Time, a representative product of MISSPLUS, is a natural bubble bath. Made of natural raw materials, it does not hurt even when it gets into the eyes. Also, the minerals in the Sinan Island Sea Salt will keep the skin moist.
PINGPONGPANG is a product that can attract the interest of children, as it has a toy inside that appears after the foam settles. The variety of oils it contains keep the moisture in the skin longer.
MISSPLUS Flower Diffuser, made from preserved flowers, was created by a professional florist. Even after the liquid dries up, the remaining scent on the reed lasts for one to two weeks.
Other products of MISSPLUS include the Deodor-diffuser sprayer. All of MISSPLUS’ products are handmade. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

Natural Sweetener

Natural Sweetener

Daepyung Co., Ltd. produces and exports Stevia extract powders, including Stevioside, Rebaudioside A, Glucosylated Steviol Glycoside. Daepyung’s Stevioside market share in Korea reaches about 75%, whereas about 90% of Stevioside export volume comes from the company.

These natural sweetener extracts are known to be 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, but they contain zero calories and no fat, thus hardly affecting the blood sugar level. In addition, they are heat-, acid- and alkali-stable.

They are increasingly widely used in beverage, ice cream, liquor, dairy products, confectionery and various other foodstuffs.

These natural sweeteners are usable in America, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and Japan. They were approved by the EU in November 2011 and are Korea’s only natural sweetener that passed the USA FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe Substance) in January 2012.


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Color Makeup

Natural Oriental Color Makeup


Since blemish balm cream, also known as BB cream, was unveiled as a brand-new make-up for Korea’s female consumers a decade ago, its popularity is growing year by year. The zeal for the BB cream from Korean cosmetics is now spreading to neighboring Asian countries.

A wide variety of BB creams that help to brighten and whiten one’s skin tone, as well as reduce blemishes and wrinkles are available on the market. But depending on the quality of the BB cream, the results are often mixed.

LUVIEW, a Korea-based make-up brand, has diverse BB cream products and color make-ups, which address the female customers’ needs for natural and flawless finish while leaving skin feeling soft and supple-never dry.

Inspired by the skin-friendly oriental formula, the LUVIEW BB cream comes in different types to meet the customer’s specific needs for good coverage, moisturizing, natural look and other qualities.


Crystal BBThe Crystal Cover BB Cream, made by using the oriental formula with herbal ingredients, provides the perfect coverage, creating flawless make-up with easy application. This BB cream also offers sun protection (SPF 30), whitening and wrinkle care, which are KFDA-certified.





Whitening CleamThe Whitening Capsule BB Cream is formulated to meet the customer’s needs for natural and luminous skin tone delivered from micro capsule’s natural coloring and flower complex. Using 13 flower extracts, this BB cream is specially designed to provide skin soothing, abundant moisture, whitening and problem-area-care as well as prevention of pigmentation.





Whitening BB CreamUsing ‘water capture’ technology, Essence Whitening BB Cream contains cactus extract, qualane and deep ocean water that help provide plenty of moisture deeply to the skin and forms the moisture film to prevent water from evaporating.

LUVIEW’s other flagship items include One-Touch Brush Sun Powder (SPF 50, PA+++), Crystal Mineral Pact, Gleam Full Long Lash Mascara, lip gloss and cleansing foam.


Under the slogan “the Oriental color & beauty,” LUVIEW was born from the belief that color makeup should be healthy and natural skin care cosmetics. Since its initial launch in 2010, LUVIEW has carried this idea forward by offering natural color make-up ideal for Asian female’s skin types and skin tones.

Asians have different genetic traits with their Western counterparts. Normally, Asians’ skin is relatively thicker and more sensitive to the chemicals such as cosmetics ingredients than Westerners’ skin, so it is more vulnerable to stimulus dermatitis, freckles and pigmentation. LUVIEW’s Oriental formula prescribed from the above findings adopts natural minerals and botanical tea extracts from the very pristine areas in Asia as the main ingredients for the skin-friendly makeup.

Now, LUVIEW is a fast growing cosmetic brand in Asia, targeting female consumers in their 20s and 30s by implementing active marketing activities worldwide. It has extensive sales networks in Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, the USA, Spain, Thailand and more.
In a bid to meet more buyers around the world, the company will participate in Beauty World Japan, set to be held from May 14th to 16th.




LUVIEW Co., Ltd.
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Healthy Snacks

These days many people are concerned about junk food addiction and various ailments associated with the consumption of unhealthful foodstuffs that contain lots of fat, sugar and chemical additives.

With a business model founded on the idea of introducing wholesome foodstuffs, SDC FOOD specializes in all natural snacks, biscuits, cookies and cereals for health-conscious consumers in Korea and overseas markets.

Using high-quality natural ingredients, the Korean company provides various cookies that are safe to eat and delicious snacks to kids and adults alike under the brand name of “I-Yes-Mom.”

Most of the items are made using locally produced premium ingredients, including organic grains, organic sugar, natural dairy, natural oils and fruits. In 2009 the Korean company obtained organic certification for its products using safe agricultural materials and applying strict quality control.

Healthy as the cookies are, they also feature the tastes and flavors of various natural ingredients, being highly appreciated for their quality, healthy products and reasonable prices. Those organic snacks are being exported to the United States, China and Japan as well.


Organic Banana SnackOrganic Banana Snack
This is the organic banana cookie based on food safety as well as nutritional value for children. This product is made by adding organic sugar and banana to the organic rice and corn. The product is made as a stick-type for children to easily hold and eat it. Children love it for its tender sweet taste and banana aroma.




Organic Strawberry SnackOrganic Strawberry Snack
This is a healthy cookie for children that brings a refreshing taste of organic strawberry. The organic raw strawberry, not a strawberry paste, is juiced to deliver a tender and sweet taste using organic sugar and rice syrup.




Woori I- Good Sweet PotatoWoori I- Good Sweet Potato
This cookie with a sweet potato taste is made with locally grown violet sweet potato and organically cultivated local wheat. Also, this product is made by toasting the main ingredient on salt, instead of frying in oil, and sprayed with high-quality brown rice oil from Korea.




Organic Sweet Vegetables CerealOrganic Sweet Vegetables Cereal
This vegetable cereal contains three different types of organic cereal with different shapes and colors–star-shaped (pink: strawberry taste), ball-shaped (violet: black rice and nuts), and ring-shaped (yellow: sweet pumpkin and onion) offering visual delight to kids. This organic cereal can even be eaten as a meal.




• SDCFOOD Co., Ltd.
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Fax: (82-61)381-8914

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Natural Latex Mattress

Natural Latex MattressPalmpring is a specialized manufacturer of natural latex mattresses in South Korea. Generally, the natural latex helps disperse human weight evenly and support the body without giving any pressure, offering comfortable posture to the spine.

Palmpring provides a range of mattresses that are all made with natural latex and a coir cushion made out of coconut fiber coated with natural rubber resin, proving excellent ventilation to the mattress.

Particularly, this premium mattress features a quadruple layer construction of latex sandwiched with natural latex foam and rubberized coir, which ensure comfort and support with enhanced excellent cushion and resilience. Made from 100% natural foam, the mattress is also an anti-microbial and it creates a dust-free environment.

And the natural latex also provides comfortable support with adequate soft and flexible hardness to the human body. Due to natural latex provides advantages such as coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

What’s more, thousands of tiny pincores allow people to feel hardly any movement or shock even when the partner moves.

The natural foam, with outstanding elasticity and tensile strength, provide a soft touch support, conforming perfectly to the body’s contours and curves.

It has properties of excellent durability and elasticity for long use.

The Palmpring’s latex mattress has no innersprings and thus provides relief from rust and noise.

Unlike lesser products using many devices or functions for elasticity, this one uses only natural latex foam and coconut fiber, being harmless to the environment when disposed. It has a zippered cover for easy cleaning.




49-1, Masan-ri, Gasan-myeon, Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
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