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Skin Care & Cleansing Products

[INQ. NO. 1911C25] TheRumi AMF Aqua Mask Pack consists of a mask pack and eye patch. AMF ingredient demonstrates strong water-binding capacity, reduces water evaporating rate, and maintains the effects of moisturizing and intensifying skin barrier function for 120 hours.…

Natural Skin Care

[INQ. NO. 1907C05] Rosabella Serum is a whitening and wrinkle-enhancing moisturizing serum that contains 76% damask rose water to provide moisture elasticity. Rosabella Eye Cream is a whitening and wrinkle-enhancing eye cream that contains 63.70% damask rose water that brightens…

Skin Care Products

Lamiye Centella Cica Ampoule contains madecaside, asiaticoside, asiatic acid, madeca acid and hypoallergenic botanicals, which help to maintain a shiny and clear skin
Lamiye Noni Toner contains rich noni extract

Skin Care Product

The N.E.P + is a new product that combines the advantages of animal and plants. It contains mealworm fermenting yeast protein (MWF-1), Fragaria Vesca (strawberry) leaf extract, Oenothera Biennis (evening primrose) oil, Linum Usitatissimum (Linseed)seed oil and so on. It prevents

Anti-Aging Cosmetics

9tails, an anti-aging cosmetics brand, was launched by GIBEST in 2015, which has grown as a skin care specialist. Under the attitude of “Learn from Customers and Reward Customer for Cosmetics,”

Home Esthetic Equipment

Founded in 1992, Insung Information Co., Ltd. is Korea’s leading professional company providing total solutions essential for network integration (NI) and industrial informatization. Its business area consists mainly of three parts: IT Solutions, Infrastructure, and Services.
Among the services the company provides, the healthcare business has a lineup ranging from healthcare devices


HK’s medical mattress basically contains six types of special minerals inside the mattress that emit negative ions and far-infrared rays in large quantities. These minerals are well known for relieving fatigue and helping blood circulation; and also the medical mattress is designed in a hexagonal shape to avoid damage from other substances

HIFU Skincare Equipment

[INQ. NO. 1504C36] Hironic is the leader of the industry in the medical equipment technology for its skin care and obesity treatment. Since its establishment, the company has been manufacturing outstanding aesthetic devices, providing patients with significant skin tightening and…

Cosmetics and Packs OEM & ODM

[INQ. NO. 1411C07] C&F Cosmetics, founded in 1995, is a research development and manufacturing (OEM/ODM) company of cosmetics with the following categories: Mask Pack: Sheet, Hydro-Gel, Patch, Plaster type Other Pack: Hand, Foot, Steam Hair, Nails, Foot Peering Skin Care:…

Cosmeceutical Products

[INQ. NO. 1411C02] CU SKIN Co., Ltd., established in 2004, specializes in developing and manufacturing cosmeceutical products for the use of licensed estheticians and skin care professionals in clinics, salons and spas in collaboration with dermatologists. The company has also…

Cosmetic Products

[Serial No. 2014-B-002] Founded in 1992, GREEN COS has been manufacturing all cosmetic products from basic cosmetics to color make-up and even hair products. GREEN COS has 2 private brands: DEOPROCE and ESTHEROCE. Possessing CGMP certificate, GREEN COS also has…

Refill Paraffin Wax

[Serial No. 2012-B-227] INNTOP Co., Ltd. established in Feb. 2001 for environmentally-friendly skin care, has continuously invested in research and development on moisturizing skin, hard skin removal and skin care, and adopted key technologies. With the adoption of the most…

Beauty and Health Care System enhancing the Quality of Life

The High-Tech Total Beauty Care Solution for whole-body and abdominal obesity care enable skin care and health care just with a single step. This solution enables the wavelengths of ultrasound waves, low-frequency and middle-to-low frequency similar to bioelectric currents in all living organisms and nature to deep penetrate through the skin, to relieve

Skin-care Products

ILJIN is a well-known Korean manufacturer of perm lotion, coloring, hair care, skincare, and other home care chemical products that are excellent in quality with affordable price.

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