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Skincare & Hygiene Products

[INQ. NO. 1907C25] Oscare Bio-Cellulose Capsule Mask is an extremely moist bio cellulose mask. When applied, it quickly delivers a refreshing, cool sensation to the skin. Adhering so well, it gives the user complete freedom to move about and does…

Skincare Product for Babies

[INQ. NO. 1907C19] AtoGuardiangel Concentrated Cream is a baby cream developed to help atopic patients and those with sensitive skin. Containing naturally fermented ceramide from shea butter known to have a moisturizing and skin regenerating effect, it helps restore the…

High-Quality Masks & Patches

Dermall Matrix Facial Dermal-Care Mask is a brand new concept of home esthetic mask pack with controlled delivery technology of essence, which is able to transmit the essence to the dermal layer of skin for a long period of time,…

Microneedle Skincare System

Clikins Just 6 Days is a set of skincare products consisting of Smart roller (540 micro-needle), Snow White Serum, Sterilizing pads, Repair cream, and Mask Pack. The microneedle skin massage boosts collagen production, helping to infuse active cosmetics into the…

Premium Skincare Masks

HelloGanic is a 100% vegan green market and lifestyle beauty brand that brings healthy green energy to everyday life with fresh raw materials and refreshing imagination. Just as a daily nutrient is required to maintain a person’s health, it is…

Skincare Devices

IPL-2000 is designed with clinically proven light wavelength and pulse time and its excellent effects have been verified through various tests. Developed as a premium home IPL device, IPL-3000 is manufactured with clinically proven wavelengths and pulses. PL-3000 is used…

Skincare Cosmetics

Those with skin problems often have difficulty wearing makeup. Bigger problems occur when the affected area is exposed to a polluted environment. Lily A Spot Control Cream is a spot cream that protects and takes care of the skin. It…

Skincare Cosmetics

Certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration, Deoproce Special Water Plus Skin Care Set provides a moisturizing coating with water drops, Brightening (Niacinamide), Skin Elasticity (Adenosine), Anti-Oxidation (Flavonoid) and Anti-wrinkle (Collagen). Niacinamide helps erase discolorations and revive the skin’s…

Skincare and Haircare Device

The average lifespan of modern people continues to grow these days. So more people spend their money and time caring for their skin as anti-aging became an essential issue.
M1 is an anti-aging skin care device for home use. Consisting of 4 kinds of head modules, M1

Skincare Products

3-In-1 Foundation includes whitening, SPF50+ PA+++, and anti-wrinkle functions. Its cushion is designed to provide buildable coverage, dewy afterglow, deep moisture, and vivid skin tone. It also gives skin elasticity, natural cover, brighter skin tone, and smooth texture. Lip Tights…

Skincare Products

Rich with shea butter and vitamin E, Nourishing Hand Cream features quick absorption, non-stickiness, and long-lasting rich fragrance
Pink Milk Mask is clinically tested for the improvements lasting for 14 days after use. This product is packed with specially formulated Brightening complex (cherry blossom, lotus flower, lily extracts for a shiny and dewy complexion

New-Concept Skincare Cosmetics

CELLSTORY contains Micro-Spear®, a patented ingredient that stimulates the skin, and 20 essential amino acid complexes and nutrients such as three proteins (GF) to provide essential nutrients to the skin.
It is a cosmetics product tailored to the

New-Concept Anti-Aging Cosmetics

MiracleTox is a home skincare program to rejuvenate the skin’s natural vitality as the Micro-Spear® ingredient stimulates the skin while providing rich and nutritious energy to the skin. This anti-aging home skincare cosmetic helps strengthen the skin