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January 5, 2012

Four-Color Cutting Boards


Released by Livingicon ( Click), the TPU (Thermoplastic Poly Urethane) cutting board deserves attention from those who are very concerned about sanitation of cutting board. The standard cutting boards need strong sterilization since clefts on cutting boards are good place for germs and bacteria to multiply. However, the traditional wood cutting board is very hard to clean up and dry.

Livingicon’s TPU product can be cleaned with boiling water for sterilization with no adverse effects. It is possible because the TPU has extreme resistance to abrasion and heat, so it can withstand extreme temperatures – between -20℃ and +150℃, making it boilable for sterilization.

When placed in boiling water, environmental hormones like ‘bisphenol A’ are not released. Unlike the lesser products, this TPU cutting boards doesn’t absorb juice and odor from foods and it is convenient to use with great flexibility and lightness. It is easy to keep dry and clean. In addition, TPU is about four times stronger than PE, PP, and the elasticity from TPU acts as a buffer against noise from knives.

The TPU cutting board has great flexibility such as for users to carry for foods on the board into the containers. It is designed like a palette. The stylish four-color cutting boards for easy identification prevent cross contamination and a practical self draining stand enables draining away, enhancing the appearance of the kitchen. Dishwasher use is safe and the non slip grip prevents skidding.

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