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Crackers Made Of Agricultural Products

[INQ. NO. 1804C09] The Test Kitchen is a pre-social enterprise located in Daejeon, Republic of Korea. Started as an ordinary home kitchen in 2015, this food-tech start-up seeks to produce healthy food products.
Mini Crackers, Gift Set, and Cracker Sampler produced by The Test Kitchen is […]

Ceramic Pots

Led by Joo-Won Oh, Korea’s top botanical designer, TEAL TABLE is on its way to showing the world what beauties can be created through its botanical design works. Established in 2007 as an interior design group, TEAL TABLE started with grafting indoor gardening, including transforming interior design services into business in 2008.

Food-Packaging Products

Products selected by Gyeongsangnam-do [INQ. NO. 1504C19] Humming Bio is a specialized manufacturer of multipurpose functional foodpackaging materials. It provides a variety of highquality products on the basis of accumulated expertise and know-how through continuous R&D endeavors for new technologies…

Kitchen Furniture

[INQ. NO. 1303C06] Hanssem is a major home interior furniture maker covering kitchen, interior, bathroom furniture, home office and living rooms in South Korea. Hanssem which pioneered a new kitchen furniture culture in the domestic market by continuing to bring…

Vegetable Grinder

Kowellcut vegetable grinder provides diverse functions – cutting, dehydration and mixing, thus reducing cooking time. For cutting, people just need to put the vegetables or fruits in an appropriate size after fixing blades and pivot stand to the

Kitchenware – BOK

Kitchenware means more than tools for cooking these days. It represents a unique culture for each household since good kitchenware offers comfort and healthy appetite. Thus people become very selective and hesitant when it comes to buying them as the quality of life improves. However, they do not need to waste

Electronic Pressure Rice Cooker

Electronic Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Homesys specializes in kitchen appliances such as electric pressure cookers, dishwashers, blenders and living appliances such as water purifiers, humidifiers and electric fans. The company has manufactured small home appliances for 33 years and has been an OEM supplier…

Four-Color Cutting Boards

  Released by Livingicon ( Click), the TPU (Thermoplastic Poly Urethane) cutting board deserves attention from those who are very concerned about sanitation of cutting board. The standard cutting boards need strong sterilization since clefts on cutting boards are good…