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[INQ. NO. 1504C19] Humming Bio is a specialized manufacturer of multipurpose functional foodpackaging materials. It provides a variety of highquality products on the basis of accumulated expertise and know-how through continuous R&D endeavors for new technologies and products. Humming Bio mainly produces and sells disposable gloves that are used to prepare foods in the kitchen, mitten sanitary gloves, disposable plastic bags for food packaging, disposable wrapping roll bags and zippered bags. It is also engaged in developing and providing other products like disposable moisturizing socks.

In particular, it provides food wrapping films containing chitosan ingredient with excellent antibiotic quality and storability and industrial films, which are supplied to Korea’s leading retailers such as Nonghyup Hanaro Mart, winning constant trust and affection from local consumers and the food industry clients.

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Kitchen Furniture


[INQ. NO. 1303C06] Hanssem is a major home interior furniture maker covering kitchen, interior, bathroom furniture, home office and living rooms in South Korea.

Hanssem which pioneered a new kitchen furniture culture in the domestic market by continuing to bring in kitchen furniture models that are suitable for Korean kitchens has lately introduced a high-end Kitchen furniture brand KITCHENBACH 3B, which stands for Best Kitchen, Best Design and Best Package. The name represents
the corporate philosophy – ‘World Best Quality Standard.’ The KITCHENBACH received the KIDP’s President Award from Good Design (GD) Awards that are given to products in recognition of the excellent design based on external appearance, function, materials, economic efficiency and more.

The KITCHENBACH 3B that received the grand prize is ‘emotion – oriented’ kitchen furniture by using the highest quality materials. The Characteristics of ITCHENBACH 3B are the satin white that is soft as ceramics and the aluminum bar that matches with the handless design. For the door surface of KITCHENBACH 3B Hanssem used PP (Polypropylene), which is a popular environmentally friendly substance in Europe because the surface strength is excellent, no discoloration, and toxin-free.

The natural wood with texture applied and sense of black-slate on the island plate are constructed with new method of environmentally friendly construction. The 3B has an automatic system and special storage that can be easily stored. Consumers can easily use the storage with the automatic touch open drawer and touch open flap that are on the storage.

KITCHENBACH also has a noise and impact-free hinge and intivo drawers devised to prevent stored items from falling off. For the tall cabinet, Hanssem applied a corner cabinet that has magic swing rotational accessories that can be easily stored, and a massive pantry that matches with Korean storage. For the wooden wall panel, Hanssem used a wooden pattern of LED panel that gives a lighting effect and provides convenience for accessory use.



• Hanssem
Hanssem Bldg., 757-1, Bangbae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: (82-2)6908-3422
E-mail: or

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Internationally Recognized “Well-being” Juice Extractor

GreenPower Juicer

The GreenPower juice extractor enables people to readily juice vitamin-rich foods like wheatgrass and pomegranate at home. Through a low rotation speed of 160RPM and double gear’s pressing squeezing method, there is no nutritional damage. Also, agricultural chemicals and heavy metals contained in fruits and vegetables are separated and come out with waste pulp.

This multi-function juicer extracts every fruit and vegetable, including kale, carrot, pine needle, dropwort, angelica, mugwort, wheatgrass, orange, grape, apple, etc. At the same time, the juice extractor is very quiet during use (just 60 dB) and easy to clean.


Twin-gear system
twin-gear system

In particular, the uniquely designed twin-gear system has gap of 0.1mm between gear and gear, which means that the metal parts of both gears do not make direct contact directly. Accordingly, it is safe and hygienic. In addition, the gears are made through 84 high-precision processes by high-tech equipment and have an international patent.


Powerful magnets & Bio-ceramic Technology
magnets & bio-ceramic technology

The powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in the juice bowl and twin gears help produce fresh juice which can be stored for longer periods. (at least 3 days longer by test results carried in Australia than usual) without damage of nutrients or oxidization.

The magnetic force generated from 4,200 Gaus neodymium magnet and radiation far infrared rays from bio ceramic powder also help make fresh and smoother taste of activated juice. The powerful magnets and bio-ceramic materials in the juice bowl and twin gears help produce fresh juice which can be stored for longer periods.(At least 3 days longer than usual according to the results of tests carried out in Australia) without damage of nutrients or oxidization. The magnetic force generated from 4,200 Gaus neodymium magnet and radiation far infrared rays from bio ceramic powder also help make fresh and smoother taste of activated juice.

– International certifications: IECEE (CB Report), UL, PSE(Japan), CCC (China) and certifications from Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia

– Additional parts: [Standard model] vegetable net, fruit net, chopping net, discharge part, vegetable cap, fruit cap, wooden pusher fruit pusher, clean brush, a juice bowl, stainless steel pulp can
[Premium model] multipurpose gear set (for wheatgrass juice, very fine juice for baby and noodle making) vegetable net, fruit

About GreenPower
GreenPower Juicer Co., Ltd. has developed a double gear (helical screw type) squeezing method by low speed rotations for the first time in the world since 1988. The GreenPower juice extractor is highly popular at home and abroad, being sold in 30 countries including the U.S.A., Japan, U.K., Germany, Australia, Singapore and Canada etc.

In 1988, GreenPower started to produce a multi-purpose Green Juice Extractor first in Korea, and then it has been manufacturing more than 20 types of the juice extractors, not only for mainly household use but commercial ones for hotels, restaurants and cafe’, etc. With its steady technical development, the company has now become a technology intensive enterprise, having invention patents in the U.S.A. for the Green Juice Extractor with over 800 patent registrations and more pending nationally and internationally. GreenPower has also acquired UL, CE, CNS and AS marks, etc.



The Excellent Company in Suwon, Korea

• GreenPower Juicer Co., Ltd.
178, Imock-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon-city, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)243-1885
Fax: (82-31)255-8086

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Vegetable Grinder

Vegetable Grinder - KowellKowellcut vegetable grinder provides diverse functions – cutting, dehydration and mixing, thus reducing cooking time. For cutting, people just need to put the vegetables or fruits in an appropriate size after fixing blades and pivot stand to the container. For dehydration, they just need to pull the handle smoothly several times with the lid closed. Users can also make sauces and dressings easily with the mixer inside of the container.

Users need not sort out the vegetables, as everything can just be put in and grinded. As it works without a motor, there is no noise. It does not generate water and destroy the nutrition because of the manual operation. It is very easy to clean because every part is detachable. There is no need to worry about the leaking of food. As it works without power supply, people can use it during camping or other outdoor activities.

With compact size (13.5cm x 13.8cm), it doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen. It is suitable for preparing food for single persons or a family of up to four. The main materials are ABS, stainless steel, PE and AS PP. The product is made up of lid, container, blades (grinding), blades (ice cutting), protection cap and booster.



• Kowell Corporation
1291-5, Deogi-dong, Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Tel: (82-31)925-0211
Fax: (82-31)925-0214

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Kitchenware – BOK

Kitchenware means more than tools for cooking these days. It represents a unique culture for each household since good kitchenware offers comfort and healthy appetite. Thus people become very selective and hesitant when it comes to buying them as the quality of life improves. However, they do not need to waste time and money no longer on faulty and disappointing products. A Korean kitchenware maker, BOK(The Best of KitchenWare), has an answer to their discriminating tastes.


BOKThe company is proud of its 30 years of experiences and expertise. Focusing on what aluminum kitchenware can offer, BOK, by introducing daily necessities in the various markets, gradually has been gaining recognition for quality at home and abroad; the acquirement of KS A/ISO9002 in 1999 certainly speaks volumes. Also, its fully automated manufacturing line gives BOK an edge with competitive price. And its royal customers just cannot stop praising BOK’s highly-valued frying pans and cook-pots.

Whether it is about frying an egg or mixing up meats and vegetables, first you need to be ready with BOK’s aluminum non-stick frying pans. Especially customized for your unique and healthy cooking experience, BOK guarantees durability with its special triple coating process and dissipates your doubt with aluminum’s anti-toxic effect. And many different types of frying pans in different sizes and colors are available, such as hunt fry pans, apple egg pans, embo fry pans, UFO fry pans, and etc.


BOK A wide variety of affordable cooking pots are waiting for you. There are classic pig pots, yellow soil pots, classic pans, silver star pots, and more for your choice. High quality aluminum offers strong durability, and their non-stick finish helps you cook like a professional. For more information, you can visit

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Electronic Pressure Rice Cooker

Electronic Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Homesys specializes in kitchen appliances such as electric pressure cookers, dishwashers, blenders and living appliances such as water purifiers, humidifiers and electric fans. The company has manufactured small home appliances for 33 years and has been an OEM supplier of LG, Philips, Panasonic, etc. for two decades. Currently, Cuckoo is the top-selling brand of pressure rice cooker in Korea with a market share of over 70%. It has annual manufacturing capacity of about 2 .5 million units, and exports to 30 countries.

With Cuckoo pressure rice cooker, people can prepare many different types of food simply and fast as well as steamed rice. Cuckoo has introduced the concept of ‘smart’ rice cooker by adding innovative features, such as menu selections using advanced fuzzy logic control, LCD clock and timer as well as voice guide function which enables people to use the unit more easily.

Its latest rice cooker model, “Shining Black” features a state-of-the-art heating system called IH (Induction Heating), which utilizes a magnetic field to generate heat through the coils so as to heat the entire oven, unlike the heating plate system widely available on the market. This IH system provides rapid and thorough heating, which comes close to that of Korea’s traditional cooking method using iron pots, resulting in more glutinous and more nutritious cooked rice with high power heating.

In addition, it incorporates various user-friendly functions. First, the light-touch navigational panel and LED display provide a pre-set button guide, making cooking much easier. The voice guide is also available. Users can clean the inside of a cooker with hot steam by using the Auto Steam Cleaning function.

Cuckoo provides various coating options for the rice cooker pot – Gold Marble/ Silver Marble/Diamond Coating/ X-Wall Shine /PFA Black are available for exterior coating and Natural Stone /Gold Bronze /Gold Titan/ Cast Iron Kiln /Stainless Steel are available for interior coating.

These coatings help provide fast and strong heat delivery throughout the oven surface and keep the heat inside longer. They also offer outstanding durability and firmness for a long time, producing better tasting rice.




Cuckoo Homesys
147, 91 Gyo-dong, Yangsan, Gyeongnam, Korea
Tel: (82-55)380-0700

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Four-Color Cutting Boards

Four-Color Cutting Boards


Released by Livingicon ( Click), the TPU (Thermoplastic Poly Urethane) cutting board deserves attention from those who are very concerned about sanitation of cutting board. The standard cutting boards need strong sterilization since clefts on cutting boards are good place for germs and bacteria to multiply. However, the traditional wood cutting board is very hard to clean up and dry.

Livingicon’s TPU product can be cleaned with boiling water for sterilization with no adverse effects. It is possible because the TPU has extreme resistance to abrasion and heat, so it can withstand extreme temperatures – between -20℃ and +150℃, making it boilable for sterilization.

When placed in boiling water, environmental hormones like ‘bisphenol A’ are not released. Unlike the lesser products, this TPU cutting boards doesn’t absorb juice and odor from foods and it is convenient to use with great flexibility and lightness. It is easy to keep dry and clean. In addition, TPU is about four times stronger than PE, PP, and the elasticity from TPU acts as a buffer against noise from knives.

The TPU cutting board has great flexibility such as for users to carry for foods on the board into the containers. It is designed like a palette. The stylish four-color cutting boards for easy identification prevent cross contamination and a practical self draining stand enables draining away, enhancing the appearance of the kitchen. Dishwasher use is safe and the non slip grip prevents skidding.

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